The Fog of Outdated Dreams


All our lives, our dreams have defined us – and given the promise of grand scale to our little lives. Even in our bleakest hours, they have held out a flickering hope. And yet, the message I am getting from various sources is that the time has come to ask if our dreams are keeping us from the beauty, truth and joy in the now.

Are we being suffocated by the momentum of desires from the past – the outdated passions that don’t let us be steady in the loving, peaceful present? Can we now gather the courage to shake ourselves, look around and ask ourselves honestly in this moment: Are those old dreams valid? Or is it now time to live wide-awake and respond afresh in the present moment?

For anyone else for whom this resonates, I would like to share some questions from GD as a powerful enquiry. You don’t need to answer the questions verbally or even figure out the right answer. Just allow the questions to seep in slowly and see what opens up for you…


    • Which dreams from the past do you still use
      to make yourself feel incomplete and unfulfilled?


    • What spiritual or material stories are you using
      to keep on ‘running’ all the time?


    • What desires are you chasing that make you
      blind to the love-peace-joy that is present right-now?


    • In which areas do you continue to sacrifice
      Consciousness and Peace for the sake of compulsive desires?


    • What wisdom or space can you allow to enter…
      that will allow you the deep-rest you truly desire?

12 thoughts on “The Fog of Outdated Dreams

    • Thanks Kai… It is not always pleasant to see that we been using dreams which never come true as a fantasy carrots to avoid real change. That we have given our hearts to it so we are living half-hearted in our daily reality (…we can live fully once they come true). We have so invested in the foggy imaginations that we live dazed in the present. Dreams have been the soft pillow upon which we continued to sleep. And we fight against those who want to wake us up 🙂

  1. Salaam Aalif – amazing that your posts have such an effect on all those who read them… I speak for myself here when I say that I admire what you are doing and how you share. I managed to watch the video of the newsbyte when your son was born and his birth certificate and how you and your wife so stood for what you believed in in such a dignified manner. There is a need for more people like you in this world…. Mashallah.

  2. Salaam Aalif. I have a favour ro ask you please? You have my email address here. Can you please send me an email address where I can communicate with you on a separate matter? I would really appreciate that.

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