About GD

Gyandev GD

Writing ‘About GD’ is like writing about evaporating water.

Every few months, I sense that there is less of him around, as his belief systems and self-definitions keep on evaporating. What remains is less and less of a ‘person’ (or even a ‘spiritual person’) and more of the simple, spontaneous flow of Life itself.

I say this from knowing him for more than 40 years. Long before he was my mentor, he was my older brother. His inner journey began during a Vipassana Meditation retreat at the age of 14, when he had an unforgettable experience of oneness and expansion. At 28, the ad executive quit a promising career to become a seeker with his teacher Swami Chaitanya Bharti, who gave him the name Gyan Dev (now shortened to GD).

For eight years, he lived the life of a full-time seeker and modern-day disciple. Alongside mastering the subtle teachings of Advaita, he taught himself various healing systems: Bach Flower Medicine, Homeopathy, Sacred Astrology, Byron Katie’s The Work, the Sedona System, EFT, Access Consciousness, Z Point and Matrix Energetics.

Over time, he found he could psychically sense things about others at levels they didn’t have access to. He found himself receiving communication from ascended masters and angelic entities. His natural gifts of clairvoyance, empathy and kundalini transfer (shaktipat) developed. All of which were employed in the service of healing family, friends and gradually, anyone who came to him.

A happy hermit, he lives in Pune, India, with a happy backyard menagerie of squirrels, coucals, pigeons, mongoose and one cat-without-a-name. He spends most of his time today either in healing sessions or exploring newer modalities of healing.

Gyandev (GD)The most recent in this lifelong quest has been his experimentation with energy medicine & informational healing. Impressed with the results of Inergetix-CoRe technology, he imported this German technology to India and co-founded CoRe Healing India in partnership with Amit Gaur. They have done some path-breaking experiments in remote group healing for hundreds of participants and continue to break new ground.

Almost all of GD’s life today revolves around helping people trace the hidden ‘viruses’ in their systems and clearing the path to recognizing their true nature as Pure Consciousness. Everything else is just a means to this end: the thirty-five years of meditation, the finely-tuned psychic gifts and a lifetime devoted to the study of energy and consciousness.

Reading about GD, it may be natural to assume that he is the serious saintly sort, pontificating on the mysteries of consciousness in a somber baritone. But I should warn you. He has a sense of humor worthy of a stand-up comic. Long stretches of his weekly Sunday Sessions are just laughter symphonies fuelled by his hilarious observations of human behavior 🙂

*   *   *

GD currently lives in Pune, India. To book a session — either in person or on the phone / Skype — email him at talktogd@gmail.com

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