One of the greatest joys of writing this blog has been opening my Comments Inbox to find an award nomination from someone whose blogs I read and admire. I decided to create this page to thank those who have given me these awards as much as to honor the awards themselves. So here goes:

Thank you Jillian Kermani for THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD.
Miss your seriously funny blogs.

very inspiring blogger award







Thank you Arjuna for nominating me for the












Thank you Pavithra for the LIEBSTER AWARD.
Yours is one name I will never forget now 🙂










Thank you Reena for the READER APPRECIATION AWARD.
Your blog was one of my first loves on WordPress.











Thank you Tiramit and Reena for THE BEST MOMENT AWARD.
Apologies for not following the acceptance procedure but I have run
out of interesting things to say about myself 🙂












Kob Kun Mak Tiramit also for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.



Thank you once again for all those who have read and supported the blog since it began in June 2012. It’s always great to have a reminder of how much your time and effort means to strangers halfway across the world

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