About Me


Writer, poet, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, creative producer for movies, novice apothecary, father, son, student, teacher and none of the above… sometimes super, sometimes fragile, mostly in between!

10 Things About Me:

  1. I am left-handed.
  2. I am a Gemini, and according to my astrological chart, I have six planets in Gemini which makes me pretty dual-natured. My one side loves movies, the other loves meditation.
  3. I am “directionally-challenged” in real life: my ex-wife used to joke that if she took me down a one-way street and spun me around three times, I wouldn’t be able to find my way out.
  4. I started my career drawing newspaper editorial cartoons for Rs 25 (50 cents) when I was in college. My last full-time job was as Chief Creative Officer for 20th Century Fox India. How I got there I have no idea.
  5. At one point in the ’80s, I break-danced professionally for weddings.
  6. In my 20s, I quit my career and left the city to become a full-time Osho sannyasin. A few years later, my guru sent me back saying I still had a lot of women to meet and karma to complete!
  7. My father is a national-award winning author, painter and cartoonist. He runs a one-man NGO called Drop Dead Foundation to save water. He created India’s first comic superhero in the ’70s. He is also a superhero in real life.
  8. When my son Nirvaan was born in 2009, his mother and I felt it would be nice if he had no religion on his birth certificate. We took it up with the municipal authorities and succeeded in having it that way. Possibly the first in India.
  9. I am an empath, which is not always a fun thing to be.
  10. This blog is a way of sharing my inner journey and my conversations with my mentor GD.

47 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Dear Aalif,
      Please, know that I appreciate greatly your devotion to SRK ; and more than anything, I admire your goodness as well as your humanism and spiritual level. Which proofs following our Superstar leads also to great people…
      You know that, Shahrukh has millions and millions of fans… I mean people who really love him, unconditionally… I regret sincerely what happened with the media and on twitter : criticism, personal attacks, insults, racist and anti-Muslim comments, etc…
      I understand perfectly this has hurt him and coming back on twitter or not is his choice.
      However, I wonder : is that the unique reason ?? Is SRK so fragile to get influenced by some idiots, to get affected to the point of fleeing and allow his detractors win?…
      What do some detractors represent compared to the millions of people who love him ? Is it only possible to imagine that a worldwide Superstar like him has only lovers ?
      What is the harm of those millions who tweet everyday their love for him ? Do they have to be also punished ?
      I wonder if they have to wait until the Superstar has something to sell… even if going off tweeter and crying wolf is also a marketing tool ?… I hope I am wrong…
      My sincere thanks for your attention,

    2. Hi SuperAalif,
      I am sure you are far from being…”fragilistic”… unlike our Shahrukh. Of course, he’s strong, wonderfully talented, combative, ambitious, pugnacious, etc…and in the same time so fragile, all the more dramatically fragile that he looks refusing it. It’s really astounding that the greatest actor of the world, a successful , rich and powerful business man like him, looking happy in his personal life (?)… is so ravaged by the fear. Fear of losing fame, of not being the King, the first, the only one. Fear to not be loved by everyone, fear to be criticised, fear to lack money if he doesn’t work permanently (!!)…
      I could tell more, but it’s enough sad, really sad.
      I think you know all that. Talk to your friend.

    3. With all due respect… If you love your friend and want to help him, you tell him clearly and lovingly what is wrong… without contortions and complacency… and then, he is free to listen or not… The world is not only divided into sheep and trolls. SRK has fans around the world and everyone expresses himself freely and by it’s own way… provided that differences, diversity of views and controversies are not forbidden…

  1. The film Mary Poppins is also our all time family film….tuppence!!! Met GD once at his home. I was impressed as till then I was used to men who lived in un-kept houses. He could give any woman a run for her money when it came to home keeping!! Reflective of his uncluttered mind, I sensed.

  2. hey there! i had to check your blog before i nominated you because i had a feeling you may already be in possession of this award, but it’s a slightly different award with the same idea. i’m nominating you for the very inspirational blogger award because you always give me something to think about, definitely well-deserved! http://jilliankermani.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/inspired-and-versatile-blogger-awards/?preview=true&preview_id=188&preview_nonce=d905871d6c

    1. Hey thanks just got back from out of town and found a pleasant surprise in my comments inbox! Thanks Jillian… great to get it from someone whose creativity you admire…

  3. Thanks for your visit Aalif. And for your comment on my Gravatar. I’ve changed it and added my Facebook and all! Didn’t realize I hadn’t really filled in the relevant info. I’m looking forward to looking around your site, so here goes!

  4. Hello there! This is much delayed. I want to thank you for visiting and following my blog. May your path and your writing continue to be illuminated and may you continue to be Divinely led and guided. Much blessings, namaste. ♥♥♥Nadine Marie♥♥♥

  5. Thanks Aalif for following smallpebbles…….really feel your blog is a great gift (hope this is not a repeat as tried to send this before and not sure it went through or not). Shanti, shanti…..kai

  6. Lovely blog!

    You guys are definitely not the first on # 9 but you’re part of a growing breed. I don’t think even we were the first! May (y)our tribe increase! 🙂

  7. Just read your SRK tweeting article for the first time. I love that you sent those messages to him. I hope he read it; it seems like he works non-stop so I don’t know if he takes the time to read messages. I live in the US and while we of course have our scandal rags, I am pretty surprised by how the more main stream press seems to go after gossip and about SRK especially. Is it because films are like a mix of sports, rock stars and films here in the US? As an American, my friends and family aren’t too clear on my Indian film obsession but while we didn’t get married in Superman shirts, I do have a pretty understanding husband.

    1. Ha Ha… In India, both cricket and movies are like a religion. And SRK being an important part of both gets more than his share of attention – which makes some people uncomfortable 🙂

  8. First : Nice pic, “Like father, Like son” 😉
    You Know,
    Even if I loved to read you before to know,
    Now I understand why I often feel on the same wavelength as you, I’m Gemini (born June 5,1975)

  9. Hi Aalif,

    I came to say hello as I am rarely around these times, but soon back in India. Beautiful intro I have read the first time.

    Great man, great ideas, great philosophy, great sun…. 😉

      1. I hope so. 🙂 I’ll go to Bengalore and then head on to Tiruvannamalai where I can only stay for 3 days. And then I have a unplanned week. I’ll let you know the details by mail. Nice to read from you. 🙂

  10. I’m also a Gemini, directionally challenged, and wish that I could say that I was once a professional break dancer! Your blog is beautifully written 🙂

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