Five Questions for Inner Peace

I find I am often wound up inside. Even when there is no visible external stress, there is a loop tape playing in my head. It could be about a ‘major’ life issue like finance, or a minor problem like an annoying cold; the abstract ‘I should have more time’ to the very real ‘my tummy should be flatter’. When I check within for the source of my ‘dis-ease’, I find dozens of these ‘viruses’ running subconsciously.

As I looked through my old notebooks, by chance I found a simple set of questions that GD had shared a few years ago to bring awareness to these unconscious patterns. Every question shines a light from a different angle onto these habitual loops. As I begin to answer them, I find myself getting balanced and grounded into the present moment once again:

1.     What story am I telling to make this moment incomplete or imperfect?

2.     What “shoulds” or “musts” am I trapped by in this moment?

3.     What am I compulsively trying to fix or solve in this moment?

4.     What am I running ‘towards’ or ‘away from’ in this moment?

5.     What is the fixed point-of-view from which I am operating?

Whenever you feel wound up, pause and play with these questions. They are very powerful in releasing the rubber-bands that keep you stretched into the past and future. And whatever answers come up, just take a deep breath and let go.

Carry them in your pocket through the day, like I do. And I hope they give you just as many moments of peace within your busy day!

Image © Aalif Surti 2012

11 thoughts on “Five Questions for Inner Peace

  1. Perfect questions for running the Access clearing on….so whatever my answer is to each of the above questions,

    ‘Am I willing to uncreate, delete and destroy a godzillion times over?’ Right, wrong, good, bad, poc, pod, all nines and beyond.

    How does it get any better than this? 🙂

    • Welcome Jane! Glad you like it. And very happy to discover that you used to edit the Ramana Maharshi Journal in UK for many years! What a privilege it is to encounter you…

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