What Role Are You Playing?

Last week, I wrote a post called ‘Why Be Something When You Are Everything?’ about how attachment to our self-definitions can be the biggest obstacle to making the changes we want in our lives. We believe the temporary masks have become us, and we are terrified to take them off. The roles go beyond being an external social convenience, and become crystallized as an internal truth of who we are…

Later, GD emailed me a deeper insight into why finding joy is not about exchanging an old definition for a new one, and why no role can ultimately satisfy us.

“All self-definitions are restrictions and limitations.

Be careful of everything you add after the words ‘I am.’
Because that is how we define ourselves, crystallize ourselves, box ourselves.

Self-definition often turns into self restriction.

The only accurate self-definition is ‘I AM’.
That’s it – just I AM.

Everything you add after that is just a story…
a role you are playing in the moment.”

Lovely image used under Creative Commons from Kristine Campbell

15 thoughts on “What Role Are You Playing?

  1. Alif so true , all definations cannot define , when I drop all that defines is when I see the ‘I’. Love your notes , love the wisdom shared by GD.

    • Absolutely Sanjay, I saw how strong it was when I had to take a career decision last year… And then the desire to now cultivate a new identity as a “creative” person, blogger etc.

  2. I believe this is why people have midlife crises or nervous breakdowns when they lose their jobs (at least in the western world); their identity is so wrapped up in their title that when they lose it they do not know who they are. Sad because we are much more than our jobs.

    • Thank you. It’s amazing the kind of power the wonky installations can have… For the last few days have been in the tumble-dryer of the ego. Just surfaced into sanity last evening!

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