Prayer of Oneness

There are times, when even the most sincere seeker experiences ‘disconnection’. This disconnection can last hours, days or even weeks. Many seekers hence follow a daily ritual. Some follow a particular meditation style, some a breathing technique, because a daily ritual has a very simple purpose – it brings you back home. This prayer was […]

This Is Who You Are

Even hurry is within the crucible of stillness * Even panic echoes in perfect silence * Sadness is hugged from every side by joy so tight. * Not an achievement nor a reward is this: this is who you are – even before you read these words. * See that loneliness can’t help but be […]

Clear & Transparent

Anyone who has done meditation, knows and cherishes this space of clarity and transparency. This little artwork of a poem by my favorite Zen master Ryokan is a wish for you all to experience the same silence and emptiness this weekend…

Anicca (…And This Is How It Goes)

And this is how it goes: The landscape of your childhood goes first; then those who shared it. Your own memories turn transparent And one day, you go too. A gravestone – a name, two dates – marks your passage till rain and sun smooth it into bald-faced anonymity. The gravestone becomes a rock again, […]

How Kind The Universe

* How kind the Universe To allow this belief That ‘I’ am doing this Awareness – And to even provide the Light to see this! How kind the Universe To never point out to me This ‘Hereness’ so solid could never come from my flickering mind. How kind the Universe To never remind me that […]

The Magical Zen Death Poems

Recently, in my new favorite book ‘A Tale For The Time Being’ by novelist and Zen priest Ruth Ozeki, I came across a little-known and very beautiful Zen custom. Traditionally, a Japanese, Chinese and Korean Zen Master would write a final poem or haiku when he was about to die. In the death poem or […]

Butterfly: A Poem About Meditation

* This body, the graveyard of unsung emotions. So many faces buried, So many times, so many places. Watching, watching – these phantom spirits depart, until only a sunlit butterfly floats above swaying grasses. *  

The Best Spiritual Advice You Got In Kindergarten

Yesterday, as I was listening to my mentor GD share his increasingly clear experience of the entire field of consciousness as a dream, I remembered an old nursery rhyme. Repeating the lines one by one, I was stunned that there was such precise spiritual guidance encoded in four lines: Row, row, row your boat Gently […]

be light

  all around existence reminds us to be light: the stars are filled with helium. the earth floats in space. angels have wings. and science says matter is resounding emptiness. even the wise ones advise: ‘let go the weight of false stories, for your true nature is en-lightenment.’ *  

The Art Of Disappearing

I came upon this poem by chance and fell in love with it. Meditators know this issue painfully intimately — as do introverts like me: the pulling of attention and desire outward even when one finds joy being with oneself. And I love how poetess Naomi Shihab Nye offers advice with humor and insight, ending […]