Seeker Punch!

Whenever you feel the urge to take yourself and your spiritual journey too seriously, try a dose of Ram Tzu’s poems. These poems were actually written by advaita teacher Wayne Liquorman who used a pen name because he “didn’t want a bunch of miserable seekers cluttering up his living room”! So don’t expect a shoulder to cry on or a pat on the back. The only thing available here is a knockout ‘seeker-punch’.

Here’s a taste of the beautiful, hilarious and brutally insightful Ram Tzu:

Ram Tzu hears it all the time…
You had a profound, revealing,
Deeply moving spiritual experience. 

Now you’re hooked.
Now you want more.
Now you’re a seeker. 

No junkie has ever been more dedicated
Or more continually disappointed
Or more miserable. 

Once, you might have been satisfied
With a new car
Or a loving mate. 

Now you will settle for nothing less
Than union with God.

Ram Tzu knows this…
You’re fucked.

Advaita Cartoon courtesy Bob Seal

GD Speaks

Honoring Your Transformation

Constantly working on self-transformation is one thing, but standing up for it is quite another, as I learned from my mentor GD a few months ago. It was the day after a powerful weekend workshop on ending victim consciousness, and we were sitting on his verandah with another friend Shaun. There was a lingering glow of the ecstatic joy and empowerment, but there was still a gnawing uneasiness inside. It was the fear of saying out loud that we did not feel like victims anymore – of standing up as we were. The conversation moved to an important subject I had never considered: the importance of honoring your transformation.

“If you do not acknowledge what happened yesterday,” GD reminded us, “you are actually diminishing yourself. The mind makes you afraid that if you truly ‘own’ your transformation, people will judge you and criticize you. Or, you will fall down and be worse off than when you started. So you often betray your own transformation.”

Shaun spoke up, expressing a common problem: whenever he talks about “spiritual stuff” to others, he feels so nervous and confused, he almost goes into the discussion expecting to be ridiculed.

“The world will always reflect what you think you are inside,” GD replied. “Because you haven’t got faith in your own transformation, your own journey, your own process, you are, at some level, beaming that out to the world. When we are in sync, we say: this is where I am, and there is more to be done. When we are out of sync, we either pretend to be perfect and sermonize, or we go to the other extreme and say ‘I have not really got anything’. But both are not in integrity, and will make us uncomfortable.”

I quietly recalled how it took me many years to come out of my spiritual closet. Ten years in a company and no one in office really knew what I did on weekends. If someone else brought the subject up, I would either dismiss it or diminish it into a joke, but always avoid speaking simply and clearly about it. I did not fit in, but I made an effort not to stand out either. I never acknowledged any spiritual progress to myself either, believing it would be arrogant to claim to be anything but a poor-struggling-seeker. I considered it self-effacing humility, but was it really Self-betrayal?

As GD continued to speak, he put it into a unique perspective: “Remember, that if you can’t honor your transformation, you can never truly honor your teachers. You cannot honor them because you don’t believe anything has really happened.”

Later, I spent some time with myself writing down how I am different from what was five years ago. I realized while writing that the mind habitually weighs us down by noticing one wrong amidst ninety-nine rights – it notices the painful itch, not the healthy body. So doing this exercise sincerely – without trying to falsify, exaggerate, prove or improve anything – felt amazing!

So give yourself this gift today. Take some time off to honor your evolution.

Stunning image used under Creative Commons from AlicePopkorn

The Crossroads Chronicles

A 21-Day Corporate Experiment


In March 2011, my spiritual teacher and erstwhile ‘urban hermit’ GD took on a crazy and unprecedented experiment to put what he calls ‘The New Paradigm of Work’ to the fire test. And I want to share it because he did it using the same insights which I will be sharing in the ‘Crossroads Chronicles’ series of blog posts next weekend onwards.

Here’s how it happened: during a friendly conversation, GD and his friend, the Chairman and MD of an Info-Tech company, discussed the premise that a company can work to its full potential only if employees ‘evolve’ to their full human potential. GD proposed the idea of a 21-day experimental program using a critical mass of 108 employees. The MD agreed, and GD began developing the ‘New Beginnings Program’ along with fellow intuitive therapist and life coach, Sangeeta Bhagwat.

It was a daunting undertaking: the $150m Solutions & Services Outsourcing Provider had over 3000 employees spread across US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. According to business news reports, it had been under-performing and post-recession some staff had been let off.

Given their past experience, the HR department was unsure about turnout and suggested to GD that instead of a 108 participants, maybe one should settle for 30 or 40 participants. GD responded that this was a perfect chance for HR to put the basic principle the New Work Paradigm in practice: when one shifts one’s state of being, the ‘doing’ that follows generates miraculous outcomes. GD asked the HR team to release all goals and specific outcomes for this experiment, and to simply ‘play’ with him. Hearing this, the energy of the core team shifted from fear to joy. Instead of hard-selling this voluntary program, they sent out a simple and light-hearted invitation to the staff.

When the response came in, over 300 people registered and they had to stop the registrations at one point… and do the workshop in two batches!

The 21-day program contained a mix of guided meditations and daily tasks. Participants were given audios of a 15-minute meditation created by GD and Sangeeta which was to be used every morning before beginning work. They were asked to do ‘homework’ on weekends which involved catharsis, gratitude, inner questioning and gently stepping out of comfort zones. To kick it off, they had a town hall meet where GD shared the core concepts about ‘The New Paradigm of Work’ on the planet today.

Soon, the company message boards were buzzing. Issues like procrastination, lack of self-belief, irritability, frustration, and unhappiness with work were giving way to a sense of hope. And the company vibe changed.

A few weeks later, not only did the employees report that they found dramatic changes in their work, they also found they had triggered off a process of self-transformation. Many reported improved relationships with their family and a reawakened sense of appreciation for life. Some found a renewed vigor to revisit the dreams they had put away in the bottom drawer – one worker began playing the violin again, a long-cherished dream. The shift was not for a better performance that quarter – it was a shift towards a new way of living and working.

Interestingly, the bottom-line also showed an upswing. “I would say,” the MD wrote later in the in-house newsletter, “that our new logo wins are around four times as much as in the previous quarters. We had targeted to outperform on order booking this year. In December, that looked like a tough target. In April, I can see us outperforming in terms of number of new logos. And we still have a quarter ahead of us to get there in terms of order values.” He also noted a renewed surge of business in North America, a first-ever win in Canada, the unexpected end of a long-stalled delay in the UK, and a breakthrough deal in Australia.

And to me, the most telling proof of a true New Beginning was this: a few junior employees asked HR if it was okay for them to write directly to the MD. And they wrote personal thank-you emails to him for changing their lives. How often does that happen in a global company?

The Crossroads Chronicles

The Crossroads Chronicles / A New Series

Of all the subjects I write about, there is no subject more real for me and more urgent for others than mastering of work. Real for me because it has been the most challenging arena for applying spiritual insight all my life. And urgent for others because millions around the globe, and many of my friends, are finding themselves at the same place where I found myself last year: at a major crossroad between continuing what they were doing and stepping into the unknown to perhaps discover something else. What that something else in life is, I did not know at the time, and my friends today don’t know either.

Dark Knight of the Soul…


Another thing I did not see at the time, was that what was happening to me was not personal – I was part of a bigger planetary shift towards more consciousness in every area of life. As are you, if you are still reading this.

Right now, this is what this shift probably feels like: you are not sure what to do in life anymore, there may be anger at others and yourself because you are not certain who to blame for this predicament, you wonder why you are not excited about the very work that gave you a high in the past, there are moments of intense panic when you think about finances, there is a desire to explore alternative ways of eating, exercising and living. Right now, it doesn’t feel like you are part of what psychics and channels call ‘the greatest transition in the history of mankind’ – right now, it feels like being a confused shit.

That is also the real reason why this blog came into existence in the first place – to be able to talk about things which are relevant and sometimes painful. As they were for me. But fortunately, I had my brother, a psychic empath we call GD, to talk to.

For the next few weeks, I will be focusing on this subject which GD calls ‘The New Paradigm of Work’. I will be writing about all the things he and I have spoken about in the last one year. I will be sharing the insights which got me out of the stuck places, the processes which cleared the past issues and the vision which showed me where we are heading. (Hint: it’s not a place, it’s a state)

As I struggled with my own transition, we spoke about the clues to know when it’s really time to make a change, how to get through the dreaded transition phase, and the building blocks of your new life. I got to learn some really cool things like finding your personal frequency and tuning into the frequency of miracles, finding exactly where you stand at every point using the Universal Feedback Mechanism, and how to stay in the Flow where work (and life) becomes effortless joy, ease and fun.

I have been compiling these conversations and processes for a year now. GD informed me that the time has come for it to be shared immediately. As a spiritual therapist, he is getting more and more clients with the same complaint, the same symptoms, and no clear remedy in sight. So I am truly excited to share this with whoever needs it.

So here’s the plan:  

Every Weekend for 11 WEEKS, I will put up a new blog post about a Major Insight. It will contain tips, tricks and processes for dealing with some aspect of this transition with an irreverent original cartoon thrown in. In later weeks, GD will be sharing some guided meditation audios specially created for transforming the quality of work. You can download them FREE from here.

During the week, if you have any questions, I will request GD to speak especially about those subjects – which may help others as well. I plan to also share my anecdotes around the major insight of the week and look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.

Lastly, please pass this on to any friends whom you see standing at the same crossroads – this is a good time for them to subscribe by email for an easy weekend read if they feel inspired to do so. And this is a good time to begin to change one’s life.