Rajshri’s River of Hope

Most of us, when we read social media posts about a natural calamity like drought, we click angry-face LIKE and hit ‘Share NOW’, perhaps with a dark comment about government inefficiency. Some of us donate money. Very few volunteer time with an NGO. My friend Rajshri Deshpande went a step further: last month, she set […]

First Days Of Spring

A lovely poem by the Zen monk Ryokan to remind us that joy is always right here, right now… wish you all a joy-filled weekend! * First days of spring…..blue sky, bright sun. Everything is gradually becoming fresh and green. Carrying my bowl, I walk slowly to the village. The children, surprised to see me, […]

Saving The Planet, One Drop At A Time

An inspiring true story that shows just how simple it can be for one person with an idea to make a difference. Aabid Surti is an odd character. A few years ago, the angular, bearded author was invited to meet the President of India to receive a national award for literature at a ceremony in […]

Emptiness is Listening

* * Have you ever listened to music where every note was gently blossoming from within you… Have you ever listened to music where there was no listener — just sounds in an empty room… And music became the sound of Life itself at play: creating and recreating itself. * * Image used under Creative […]