A Big Hug & A Little Silence

A little reminder for all those spending time with family this festival season. What our loved ones need from us may be much simpler than we think. I wrote this for my mother, but it’s true for all our intimate relationships so clouded with projections and old wounds that we try everything to fix them. Except a little simple heartful acceptance.

365:114 Finger-crossed lovers.We flow into each other, like water.
Your sorrows become my sorrows.
And your hurts become my crosses.

We flow as one, my love.
I can’t leave you behind even if I want to.

I strain to break free
I try to tune out
I make you a joke
I spiritualize your pain
I explain and convince,
But in the end, I see
what you need is only
a big hug and a little silence

Image Used Under
Creative Commons Via Mind on Fire


This Effortless Moment of Perfection

I found this typed on the Notepad app in my iPhone yesterday. I had written it a few months ago during a work trip. It seemed to capture a momentary epiphany well enough that reading it brought back that space. Hope it does the same for you…


One is so involved in the pulling-pushing-fixing of this body-mind that one does not notice this effortless vastness that awaits. It’s like those moments when one is absorbed in solving a knotty puzzle and when one looks up, there is a beautiful sunset light flooding the room.

Who’s doing this? Who is illuminating this universe this second? And now? And now? It surely is not me.

And what is me – sensations, thoughts flowing in kaleidoscopic patterns? With nothing constant in them. Except for this space. This block in which ‘my life’ unfolds.

The mind has fallen silent now – this space does not need fixing. There is silence inside and there is silence outside. And what could be a more appropriate response to perfection?


Image Using Creative Commons License from Martin Gommel