10 Things I Loved About ‘Messiah’

‘Messiah’ is a 10-part drama series created by Michael Petroni on Netflix which premiered on January 1, 2020. It follows the rise of a mysterious, soft-spoken Christ-like figure named al-Masih (aka “the Messiah”). A skeptical CIA agent Eva Gellar (Michelle Monaghan) is assigned to figure out whether this person they call al-Masih (Mehdi Dehbi) is […]

Rajshri’s River of Hope

Most of us, when we read social media posts about a natural calamity like drought, we click angry-face LIKE and hit ‘Share NOW’, perhaps with a dark comment about government inefficiency. Some of us donate money. Very few volunteer time with an NGO. My friend Rajshri Deshpande went a step further: last month, she set […]

Are you listening to YOU?

Last week, someone asked my mentor GD: “If there was just one thing you could teach me in this session, what would it be?” “I would connect you to your inner navigation system… your in-built GPS,” GD replied. The person was perplexed: “Does it even exist? “Yes. And once you are connected, you never have […]

When Life Falls Apart

“Those powerful moments of true knowledge that we paper over with daily life… But every so often something shatters like ice and we are in the river of our own existence. We are Aware.” – Louise Erdrich Have you ever had that experience in a movie theatre, when you are watching a good movie – […]

Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

Since I let go of my full-time corporate job, every few months, I used to feel dejected that life/god/existence was not showing me my calling, the grand and glorious purpose in life that I had heard and read so much about. On one such gloomy, rainy day, my mentor GD sat me down and asked […]

The Best Spiritual Advice You Got In Kindergarten

Yesterday, as I was listening to my mentor GD share his increasingly clear experience of the entire field of consciousness as a dream, I remembered an old nursery rhyme. Repeating the lines one by one, I was stunned that there was such precise spiritual guidance encoded in four lines: Row, row, row your boat Gently […]

Just Right

For many years, my mentor GD had written on the wall near his bed, the line: “There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake In Existence, Only Limited Vision.” And on some dark days, this is about all the spiritual teaching one needs to hear. Here is a fragment of a Shin Buddhist Poem from […]

Gifts of The Spirits

Ancient cultures kept their contact with ancestors alive and used spirits for guidance and healing. But today, when we speak about spirits of dead people, the stock reaction is one of ‘freaking out’. Thanks to books and horror movies, entities are typecast as evil, ugly and super-powerful. And tragically, today these entities – who are […]

be light

  all around existence reminds us to be light: the stars are filled with helium. the earth floats in space. angels have wings. and science says matter is resounding emptiness. even the wise ones advise: ‘let go the weight of false stories, for your true nature is en-lightenment.’ *