The Two Types of Creativity


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RIP Yash Chopra

These days, the Indian film Industry seems to remind me every few weeks about the impermanence and urgency of Life. Yesterday, I attended the chautha (fourth day funeral rites) of an old film industry colleague, and this evening we got the shocking news that 80-year-old Yash Chopra – perhaps the greatest director-producer in Indian cinema – expired. Ironically, he expired a few weeks before the release of his swansong ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ which means: “as long as life continues…”

Quite unlike his legendary stature, he was known as a laughing, life-loving man, fond of good food and good humor. So here’s my way of putting a marker for the end of an era for Bollywood.

Epifunny#2: Oh Crap!

My second attempt at cartooning is about the Law of Attraction.
Love it or hate it, if it makes us more conscious of what we are thinking, feeling and saying,
it can’t be a bad thing!

Epifunny #1: “Master, I finally got it!”

Trying to get back to cartooning with some inspiration from my very unserious mentor GD! I like the simplicity and immediacy of cartoons. Exploring the possibilities of commenting on spirituality using the seeker and master characters. Here’s a preliminary attempt… I quite enjoyed doing it, I hope you enjoy seeing it!

© Aalif Surti 2012


Govinda Aala Re!

What a sadhu might have said to former Bollywood superstar Govinda, famous for his “cherubic” appearance, who is now trying to make a comeback into films!


My Top Five B/W Bollywood Caricatures

RIP Rajesh Khanna