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Prayer of Oneness

There are times, when even the most sincere seeker experiences ‘disconnection’. This disconnection can last hours, days or even weeks. Many seekers hence follow a daily ritual. Some follow a particular meditation style, some a breathing technique, because a daily ritual has a very simple purpose – it brings you back home.

This prayer was originally written by my brother GD to help a few friends who said they kept forgetting the core teaching; who kept getting disconnected… and needed a simple, short, crisp reminder of their true nature. So GD created this small reminder – in the form of an ‘advaita’ prayer – to help them stay connected to their essence.

Just one suggestion… please don’t rush through it.

Go slowly… and savor each line to experience the true power and energy of this unique prayer. It will reveal deeper meanings each time you connect with it.

PS: For those of you who would like a printout for daily use, we have included a pdf file which you can download. Enjoy 🙂 Prayer of Oneness PDF


GD Daily Advaita Prayer


15 thoughts on “Prayer of Oneness”

  1. GD has been my guide for a couple of years. when he shared this prayer with me. every morning i read this prayer and start my day.. its been an AMAZING experience. Thank you GD.

    Folks, read it slowly.. aloud if possible.. let the vibratios resonate with your core..

  2. This prayer is magical Aalif. Reading it brings stillness and peace, joy and delight all at the same time. Its liberating. Thank you for this post brother :-).

  3. When you hold on desperately like mad,
    to a memory of happy times or sad,
    or are lost in the imaginary world,
    of plans, plots and vision boards,
    or simply just stuck in your dream
    here is a reminder that sets you free… 🙂

  4. Aalif
    I have always found your blog entries to be very helpful and insightful.
    Often they seem to speak to me and what you say happens to be just what I needed to hear at that time.
    I never left a comment , partly because I am not eloquent !!

    Amit read a few lines of this prayer to me a while ago and I had been meaning to ask him for it but never got around to doing it and then sunday I find your latest blog entry in my inbox …. reading this made me so joyous and peaceful.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write… You may not realize how much it helps many of us who read it .
    Looking forward to many more insightful entries.

    1. Thank you Monica 🙂 You are very eloquent indeed. Your energy speaks through the words and makes me extremely happy. So glad you commented. And I look forward to many more lovely comments from you too!

  5. Reblogged this on Serene Reflection and commented:
    My wise and dear friend, GD, has been my primary guide in understanding and imbibing Advaita teachings. This he has done not only through his clear articulation but also with his being. Most happy to share this wonderful and somewhat unusual prayer from him. Feel the presence…

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