Remind Me

Heart Water Drops

A timeless overcast rainy Sunday before me. White birds flap across twilight greens making their way home. It seems like this moment contains eternities. I watch as tranquil pools of water are broken by raindrops that ripple across and disappear into tranquility again. The water has no fear of being disturbed, no preference for stillness. I wonder at how afraid I am to be shaken up and agitated – how much of my life is managed to ensure it doesn’t happen. Then I remember that beneath this ever-changing persona, there is something else… It’s a reminder I need every day:


The water has no fear of being disturbed,

Remind me that I am water.


The air holds all, with no distinction:

Why do I forget I am air?


Why do I relinquish the solid earth I am,

For a rootless, trembling mind?


How do I crumple all of space,

Into a fearful ball of fight?


Remind me again and again

I am that Love unshakeable


In the midst of chaos, in the madness of life,

Just remind me I Am… just remind me I Am


13 thoughts on “Remind Me”

      1. Hey Reena, so happy to hear from you! 🙂 I have begun yoga a month ago, and in part your inspirational blogs were responsible! So thank you….

      2. Yes, loving how it gets my energy out of the head. I feel it should be taught in every school as an antidote to six hours of studies… 🙂

    1. It is always a surprise when I write what feels urgent and important to me, and others seem to find it timely for themselves too. It just shows me that we are all connected so deeply… Thanks Anita.

  1. ‘. . . raindrops that ripple across and disappear into tranquillity again.’

    Your prose is as beautiful as your poetry.

    Very many thanks Aalif, Hariod.

    1. Thank you Val. Happy to hear that the poem managed to carry some of the fragrance of the moment in which it was created. 🙂

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