Voting For Joy


India, the world’s largest democracy, is in the throes of a thrilling and tumultuous election. But this is NOT another post about voting wisely on election day – this post is about living wisely.

We need to be conscious that we are casting our vote not just once in five years, but every day. Every choice we make is a ballot for the world we want to live in.

Every product we buy is a vote. Companies run on profits. So if there are fewer buyers, the assembly line stops. Every television channel we watch is a vote for more such programming. Advertisers pay media networks for audiences and if we stop watching, it eventually stops being produced.

Some votes are less obvious. If we put money into a company’s shares purely for the promise of returns, regardless of its human and environmental policies, we are casting a vote. If we buy a product because it’s a little cheaper regardless of how it was produced, we cast a vote. We vote every day with our wallet.

Most importantly, what we give attention to in our own lives every moment is a vote. If we indulge in our anger, we empower that within us. If we are casual about our integrity, we contribute to a world that is corrupt and lazy. Every time we are conscious and kind, we contribute to a world that is the same.

So let’s vote consciously every day. Let’s vote for peace instead of meaningless entertainment distractions. Let’s vote for health over the call of junk-food consumerism. Let’s vote for love and blessing over isolation and anxious self-concern. Choose what you want to vote for and live it!

As we get more awake to our daily votes, we won’t need to blame government for their broken promises. We will be shaping the planet in the most powerful way possible – through our time, attention and money.

Our life is a vote for the world we want to live in.

So vote wisely.

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12 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful concept that I would beg the world’s entire population to adopt and practice daily. It is not a new concept, but it is one that falls by the wayside too often and needs to be revived time and again. Thank you for putting your heart behind these admirable sentiments. I hope they reach the hearts of others far and wide within our troubled world systems and prove effective in motivating people to act accordingly.

  2. Misty4SRK

    I love your posts Aalif. They are always concise and to the point. You are never afraid to speak how you feel and I applaud you for that 🙂 This is what you might call the ‘Power of the Common Man’….and Woman too!

  3. Anonymous

    “It’s about coming alive. It’s about waking up to grace. It’s about unconditional friendliness and infinite… love

  4. Well said !
    As usual ! you go frankly 😀
    The whole life is made ​by our choice !
    Unfortunately,We don’t always”vote”well&this brings sometimes serious conséquences ! then we say OOhh it’s Error of my life !
    Coz,We vote our lives according to our feelings of the moment and we don’t always make the right choice, because under the pulse ,we are not good judges !
    I often have regrets by my way, and often say ,If i could return back, I should have done it like that & not like that ……. 😉 But at least it is our choice and our responsibility and it moves us forward !
    But about the political choices we vote for what we think it’s best, but often we are wrong & We’re not really responsible when we make mistakes, because they just give us illusions and unfulfilled promises ! >:-(

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