Are you listening to YOU?


Last week, someone asked my mentor GD: “If there was just one thing you could teach me in this session, what would it be?”
“I would connect you to your inner navigation system… your in-built GPS,” GD replied.
The person was perplexed: “Does it even exist?
“Yes. And once you are connected, you never have to struggle with where to go or what to do with your life.”
“Wow! Sounds cool. So do you always know the next step… the larger plan?
“No, I don’t,” GD replied.But I have learned to ‘listen’… to be open and available. At the perfect moment, the next step is effortlessly revealed.

I was intrigued by this conversation.

So often in life we are busy stuffing our minds with information, facts and figures and pre-judgments that we don’t leave any space for something new to land. Especially in my job as a movie studio creative executive, there is a tendency to compulsively fill hours with books, movies and meetings – with the hope that, after all the friction, the spark of knowing will come. What GD was talking about was the opposite: emptying yourself – and allowing the film that wants to be made to reveal itself. He was talking about ‘listening to the person’ before you listen to the words coming out of his mouth. And about being ‘tuned into Life’ to receive the highest possible option in each moment.

“True Listening,” GD explained, “is a simple state of openness and transparency. It creates a space in which you receive constant guidance and insight from the totality of YOU. LISTENING is not to a person– it is tuning in to this alive-emptiness all around us… to this awake -presence that we are. It is being tuned to the Source, to Existence itself. Just like ‘Google’ needs to be connected to the internet to search, you need to be ‘connected’ to Source to receive your answers.”

When I look back at my life, most of the work done in that speedy space of non-listening and desperate panic has proved later to have been useless. The most successful work I have worked done has happened effortlessly in a flow – moving with an energy far more graceful than my efforts at controlling and manipulating outcomes. And yet the old habit recurs. This conversation could not have come at a better time for me, after a self-imposed 28-hour workday.

“When you are ‘connected’, life is an effortless flow,” GD continued. “There is no sense of doership or struggle… or even of choice for that matter. Everything just happens. So our primary task is to be connected… to be one with this amazing Oneness. Once this faculty is tuned, it automatically resolves all the other issues one is struggling with.”

A few days after we spoke, I came across this anecdote from Mother Teresa’s life. Dan Rather, the CBS anchor, asked Mother Theresa: “When you pray, what do you say to God?”
Mother Teresa replied, “I don’t talk, I simply listen.”
“Ah,” Dan Rather countered, “then what is it that God says to you when you pray?”
Mother Teresa replied, “He doesn’t. He also simply listens.”

When GD heard this, he added:
This is such a beautiful way to describe meditation…
You simply listen to God…
God simply listens to you…
then you and God both disappear…
and only pure listening remains.
That is the perfect meditation…
being the alive-awake-listening in which everything happens

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15 Responses

  1. Yes that’s the spaciousness I touch and sink into with rebirthing breathwork. Everytime I breathe it makes me aware of the precious silence all around and within me. The mind has no alternative but to quieten. 🙂

      1. sandidi

        in other words, put yourself in their shoes, or concentrate on them instead of yourself… interesting book….if you cant get it, let me know & I’ll send you mine…

  2. Misty4SRK

    That’s very good advice. I wonder how many of us actually take the time to stop and listen. Too often we are asking for, or giving advice when the answer is probably already there, if only we would listen!

      1. Misty4SRK

        I sincerely hope that I can do some real listening this week as I make the decision whether to apply for a new job or not. Hoping that the answer will come with a bit of silence 🙂

      2. Misty4SRK

        Which reminds me of a favourite hymn that is sung in churches here in the UK. “Be still for the presence of the Lord” Perhaps you are familiar with it? Not like complete slience, I know, but still a very calming tune and words.

  3. Firstly what a great joy for me to finally refind your blog ( besides, I love your new design ^_^), I must admit that this really missed me ! I’m back on the web (Twitter & co), and it’s with you that I wanted to “put my feet in the bath ” as we say here 😉
    Thank you for this post , as always so well written and illustrated with examples that really speaks to me.
    When I have a moment for myself, just alone , I go out of my conscious of “surface” to enter in my inner awareness , it’s not always easy, but when I get to ” flip the switch ” and maintain this state long enough it’s crazy as my look on one situation may change and take another dimension !
    It feels good to let go & what a joy to feel serene and peaceful when the deep feelings take over 😉
    But it does not last , daily stress comes galloping quickly and my inner GPS knows some interference 😉
    But, that’s life & we have the luck to live and know the joy and so many other feelings , then al’hamdoullilah, i’m grateful for that !
    It’s just that the way is a little more complicated 😉
    Good Night ;-)))

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