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A ‘Happy New You’ Letter

Flickr Lel4nd #3Most Dearest Friend,

Welcome to 2014. Or as the Mayans called it: “Extra Time” 🙂

We didn’t speak as often in 2013 as we would have liked. When we did, we often danced around what was immediate rather than what was important… and it was fun too! But today, I thought I’d write you a letter about that other stuff – the big, unspoken, sometimes scary stuff.

You know, we’ve been reading in the news about hundreds of natural disasters in 2013. But not one newspaper is reporting headlines about the inner cataclysms that are happening on the planet.

People all over the world are sensing earthquake-like shifts in their old values and being swept off secure life-paths. You may have sensed it as a growing disorientation about who you really are and what the hell you are supposed to do. It’s happening quietly, of course, so even you may not have joined the dots. You may have tried to shrug it off as bad luck, or a passing phase or just one of those days/months/years, and I thought it’s important for me to write to you that it’s not. And even more importantly – that you are not alone in this.

What’s really happening, I am told, is that the old structure we defined as ‘me’ –along with its drives, desires and dreams – is dismantling. The visible signs, according to many, many spiritual guides are quite distinct. See if some of them sound like what you have been trying to keep secret from your ‘normal’ friends.

Some lifelong relationships have been feeling fake and outdated. There is a sense of inexplicable inner sadness, sometimes punctuated by episodes of crying. Strange body aches and pains are experienced – and more tiredness than before. You feel lonely, even in the company of others. For some, a sudden change of job or career seems important, for others, there is a loss of passion to do anything. There is restlessness for something new to show up which will make sense of all this. Often, you feel safer staying aloof in a personal storm-shelter (aka bedroom) till clarity appears. (One of the reasons we didn’t meet so often in 2013…so I understand!)

Of course, in reality this shift is not a disaster but a blessing. From what I hear in the words of many spiritual guides, channels and teachers: the world is changing, you are changing, and the new paradigm of consciousness is evolving. Big words, I know, but to put it simply for a Mac-lover like you, you are moving to a new advanced iOS. Your system needs time to slow down, shut down and reboot. And while it may not seem like it right now, but after those little bug fixes, it’s all going to be way cooler and more intuitive. And I can say that with some certainty because I have seen up close the way people like GD function.

What’s worth remembering, he says, is that the disaster-like fallout is only as painful as the attachment to one’s old paradigm. Holding on is the only suffering. And there are simple things you can do to smoothen the path ahead.

For one, honor your changing mind-body system. Befriend your body. Become aware of your changing food preferences: food quantities, timings and even the kinds of food you like will undergo a change. As you become more sensitive to your energy, spend time in nature and ground your energy more often. Catharsis, forgiveness, or meditation – whatever you do to empty your past will only help.

Two, learn the art of honoring the impulse in this moment… and then the next and then the next. Like learning to skate, it just takes a bit of practice to get one’s balance. But once you do, you are guided speedily towards events, circumstances and people for your highest good. The old adage ‘Let Go & Let God’ is the single best piece of advice anyone can give you at this point.

One really strange thing that I must point out is that the old ‘me’ does not get replaced by a new ‘me’ – it just gets gradually melted in the Now. I suppose some day we will come to a point where we live so dissolved in the moment that there is no one to ask ‘am-I-there-yet’.

Until then, be cool, my friend. This is an unsettling period – don’t take it personally. You have not done anything wrong and you are not being punished. You are not weird – okay, you are weird but that’s exactly what’s super-cool about you. In the meantime, it’s a great idea to keep in touch with positive, like-minded, weird people (…like me!). So let’s connect more often in 2014.

Wish you a happy new you.



PS: Enclosing an old cartoon to remind you of this conversation and make you smile whenever you’re feeling a bit down. Keep shining 🙂

The Winds of Change

29 thoughts on “A ‘Happy New You’ Letter”

  1. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

    1. One amazing thing I noticed while reading your comment: I can sense your energy. It is positive, it is clear, it is beautiful.

      How strange is it that through someone’s words we can experience their space like a cool breeze. This is not something I could sense a year ago. And it is one of the gifts of this very Shift I have written about… So thank you for sharing your energy and gifting me this insight into how this body-mind I call “me” is evolving 🙂

  2. Very timely article for me. First, I do think that you looked at my life and wrote it. Thank you for an interesting explanation of the situation in my life. Glad to know that I am not one such as I thought. Turns out many similar moments in life happen.You are a wise man. Thank you

    1. Awesome! I am not a wise man though. Just lucky to be connected to one who has the patience to share with me his insights, which I pass on to you through this blog. SO I am a good postman 🙂

  3. You rock!
    I am grateful because you put into words my feelings and experiences and it is always so comforting to know that someone feels like you.
    You know, the fact that you are not a channeler helps. Thank you for creating this blog. Blessings.

  4. Hello and thank you for your kind and sensitve words they brought me comfort. From one who is hanging on to that palm tree going and through endless self dialogues and soul searching. About to let go of this tree and trust that no matter what it will all be alright.

    1. Well said, Linda. The rest of the cartoon should have been that when he leaves the tree, he finds that solid land is actually only a few feet away 🙂 🙂

  5. Love this Aalif! And it makes so much sense. Nearing the end of 2013 I felt a little like I was losing it. I drew a rune stone on New Year’s Day which talked of letting go, doing the work for the works sake, things of that nature. I interpret this as surrender and for possibly the first time in my life made a new year’s resolution to surrender. I know in my heart that when I stop trying to control what’s happening and stop fighting what is that I feel so much happier and that things work out. I just needed a little kick in the pants so to speak to get me back on track. And now you’ve given me another reminder. Thanks for this! I’m sure that throughout the year all of our blogging friends can keep inspiring each other as they have in the past.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. The energy in it is so earnest and positive. Thank you also for being one of my biggest inspirations in the blog world, Reena.

  6. Hello friend Aalif
    I love reading your blogs as you always manage to ‘hit the nail right on the head’. I’ve had a bad feeling about 2013 which you’ve nicely managed to explain away for me. I have been guilty of letting some friendships lapse during this year and of forming new ones without considering the damage I may have done to the old ones. However, sometimes friendships have to end for a reason, as you suggested, because they feel fake or outdated. I intend to spend this year (2014) re-evaluing my friendships and trying to be more positive about them. 2014 generally has started well for me. I have a ‘good feeling’ about this year. My new (old) job which I had to re-apply for began last week, which I am thankful for, as I could have been made redundant. My son, who has never had a proper job because of his Asperger’s syndrome, has been offerred part-time work and has also got interviews for two other jobs which are more to his liking and skills, in Physics & I.T.
    I am also making positive moves myself with my drawing skills, by joining DeviantART and posting some of my work with a view to making something more of it. A dream which I hope to fulfill soon!
    Wishing you a positively great year ahead and looking forward to reading your next inspirational blog 🙂
    Your friend, Linda

  7. After reading this article, i’m left with this feeling- “I will survive… I can do this… This is another sign, out of the millions the universe is showering me with”.
    Thank you!

  8. The new year begun pretty busy for me so finally I took the time to take a deep breath and read your post – thank you from the bottom of my heart somehow you manage to say in a simple clear language all that what I feel! I love reading your blog very much and looking forward to many interactions in 2014. All my very best wishes to you! Lots of Love, Béatrice

  9. “… the disaster-like fallout is only as painful as the attachment to one’s old paradigm. Holding on is the only suffering …” this is indeed it. Couldn’t find the right words for it, but you did!

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