Where Does Your Salvation Lie?


Sometimes, when we make a life-choice that is not in accord with our highest vision of our life, it appears as if we have succumbed to weakness or temptation. Guilt prompts us to struggle against these ‘lower impulses’ by urging us to change our actions – to quit smoking, to stop overworking, to end an old affair. And yet, when the carousel comes around again, we find ourselves riding the same hobbyhorse in a modified form.

Maybe the root problem is not the temptation itself – it is our belief that salvation lies therein. My mentor GD often refers to this as ‘creating false gods’:

“A false god is anyone or anything external that is seen as the source of completion. Every time we run outside ourselves to seek joy and fulfillment, we need to create false gods. It could be in the form of relationships, power, money, success or even addictions. We often dedicate our lives to these ‘substitute’ gods, in the vain hope that they will bring us happiness and deliver us to salvation. But every false god will eventually fail you – and push you back inside – to your own divinity and oneness with source.

Where do you believe your salvation lies? It’s easy to tell, because this is where your attention flows obsessively. This is what you speak about and value in others. This is where your energy moves,and where your time is spent. It’s the substance and significance of your dreams.

A Course in Miracles is unequivocal on this subject: “All idols of this world were made to keep the truth within from being known to you. And to maintain allegiance to the dream that you must find something outside yourself to be complete and happy. It is vain to worship idols in the hope of peace. God dwells within, and your completion lies in Him.”



7 thoughts on “Where Does Your Salvation Lie?

    • So perfectly said. Reality is beautiful, kind and perfect — the imaginations, ambitions and carrots the ego chases while being blinded to the things that present themselves are the false gods.

  1. Is looking inwards for happiness akin to being detached from all around us.?If my daughter’s smile makes me happy, does that mean I have created a false God in her and go looking for my happiness in everything she does?

    • Hi Anita, that’s such a good and relevant question for all of us. As far as I can see, finding joy in this moment in a flower, a sunset or a child is to see God. Seeking repetition of that moment, using imagination and fantasy about how it will/should continue, and then controlling and manipulating to get to that “salvation” is the problem. Children, especially when they are younger, in fact are the best reminders of how amazing life is when you are in the moment. Their salvation is in the reality of right now.

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