ShahRock: Chennai Express Avatar

SRK Chennai Express

Many, many years ago, I had created a cartoon character called Shah Rock for my friend, actor Shah Rukh Khan. Someday, we both hoped, we could do a live action + animation movie starring Shah Rukh and Shah Rock.

Over the years, I have updated Shah Rock in the many movie avatars of Shah Rukh. Here’s the latest – for his film “Chennai Express” which is set to get the biggest opening of all time.

7 thoughts on “ShahRock: Chennai Express Avatar

  1. Love your cartoons Aalif! Shah Rukh sure Rocks. There is no other power greater than THIS superstar. Loved the movie immensely. Laughed so much in the first half that it brought tears to my eyes and sat on the edge of my seat in the second half, especially during the fight scene at the end. There’s no one more convincing in a fight scene than SRK and he uses his SPB (Strategically Placed Blood) to great effect!
    I do hope you achieve your ambition to do your live action/animation movie with SRK. What fun that would be. A Tom & Jerry/Pink Panther comes to mind, as Chennai Express wasn’t far off the mark LOL
    Wishing you well!
    Lindi (@42Lintilla) alias Misty45

  2. Hi Aalif,

    Was going through GabbyTV. and Can you introduce daily 5 minute video clips of GD answering questions from seekers. And also upload the weekly talks that happen in Pune for mortals who cannot make it there but would love to learn from the wisdom that flows through him. Let me know your thoughts @


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