Point of No Return

Do you have the courage to go beyond the point of no return? A great blog by Sangeeta Bhagwat

Serene Reflection

maze top view

Assuming you consider your self to be a dedicated “seeker”, or one in sincere pursuit of answers to the fundamental existential questions – have you ever examined your motivation for the same?  What put you on this path?  What drove you to seek deeper meaning and perhaps even enlightenment(however you define that)?

Why we do what we do is a critical factor that radically influences the outcomes of our actions.  Simply changing the space that one operates from can result in significant shifts in the consequences.

The path to ‘Source’ (if I may call it that for brevity) can be likened to a maze.  As we progress from the outer realms towards the deep, hidden center, we encounter unexpected demons along the way.  These can be fundamentally disturbing.  Invitations to face our own inner monsters, unravel our stories, deconstruct, question and often destroy the very foundations of our…

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