Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

Waiting for A DirectionSince I let go of my full-time corporate job, every few months, I used to feel dejected that life/god/existence was not showing me my calling, the grand and glorious purpose in life that I had heard and read so much about.

On one such gloomy, rainy day, my mentor GD sat me down and asked me: “What will it look like when you find your calling?” Despite my past experience with his seemingly innocent-sounding questions, I answered that one.

I replied it should be something worthy, inspiring and larger-than-life. “What you are seeking is not your calling,” GD pointed out, “but a new path of ego-gratification.”

Wow. I hadn’t seen that coming.

With just one sentence, my new age/light-worker/eco-warrior ego was crushed like a recycled coca-cola can. So my oh-so-righteous rants to God were just an employee haranguing his boss for a promotion? As I recovered my composure, I asked GD if there was such a thing as a calling or life purpose then?

The way I see it, he said, one’s calling is something that feels simple, natural and spontaneous in this moment. It is not that Existence doesn’t show you your calling, but the mind rejects it insisting that it should look a certain way — that it should be spectacular right from the start. So you are asking God to show you your purpose, but you have a huge asterisk with “CONDITIONS APPLY” below it. And even if tomorrow morning it happened in the spectacular, sudden way you imagine it, it would only create stress and pressure, because it is not a natural flowering.

In every moment, I realized, our calling comes to us like a gentle birdcall, while we wait for the fanfare of a Republic Day Parade.

“We dismiss that little voice because we don’t know where it is leading,” GD added. “Otherwise, this process is already silently in motion. All we need to do is to trust the Universal Flow. Our calling is simply to honor the impulse that is ‘calling’ in this moment.”


28 thoughts on “Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

  1. brilliant post. thank you. i gave notice at my job recently, and after the fact – as often happens – i began to see it from an entirely different perspective. what am i hoping will take its place? i realize i’ve wanted something dramatic, something that shows i’ve ‘arrived’ at where i’m ‘supposed’ to be be. but perhaps there is no ‘supposed to be’…as you and your mentor say, our calling is unfolding in every minute. thanks again! aleya

    • Yup… well said. The mind creates a new waiting. You might want to check out the category of “The Crossroad Chronicles” on my blog. It has a few discussions on this subject which I had with GD immediately after I quit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can very well say I am in the exact same place. I am (rather a big part of me is) searching and not finding that ‘one big thing’ to do. Whereas a lot of ‘small’ things are calling out and I refuse to pay attention. Incidentally today morning I took the first step in admitting that it’s about time I stop whining to myself about ‘nothing happening’ and listen to the softer knocks. What a ‘big’ lesson this is! PS: No wonder every time I think of taking a session from GD to figure out what to do, I meet my own inner resistance! Perhaps that’s the ego… 😉
    Thanks for posting this. Much love

  3. So beautifully written .. Aalif .. When is the book with all these lovely posts coming? It’s time !
    Loved the simple profundity of this.
    I wonder … Inspired by Jk ..
    How can a mind that has not ended fear n conflict ever find what is calling?
    How can a life touch another life when the self has not ended.. And the noise and violence occupy us even a bit ?

    Hugs to you dear brother, fellow traveler and more ..

    • Thanks Kiran… Lovely sharing 🙂 The book is one of the little knocks I haven’t been listening to, so now it’s time for that to emerge too…

  4. Reblogged this on CoEvolveWithKiran Blog and commented:
    Loved the profound simplicity of this.

    How can a mind that has not ended fear and conflict contact what is calling?
    How can a life touch a life when the noise and violence that is inherent in the self has not come to a rest?

    Thanks Aalif n GD.
    GD, Aalif dono khade, kake laagun paaye
    Balihari mai pyare Aalif ki, Jin GD diyo dikhaae..

      • Thanks Aalif! How sweet! Haven’t been to Mumbai in many years, but definitely if Mumbai is in the travels will let you know. Same goes if you come to Tiruvannamalai! Please let me know, we are there from Oct. on. Sweet NOW! xx

  5. Aalif, what a timely post. My husband is pretty much sailing in this same boat and GDs words hit it home for me. He might (just might) come to GD;s session for the first time tomorrow. My past 2 months with GD have been mind-dropping, silence inducing, awareness enhancing, life-altering experiences. Thank you for this 🙂

    • Wow – that is awesome to hear! More power to people bringing consciousness into their lives… 🙂 And a couple on the path together is the highest joy possible!

  6. Wow ! Beautiful ! A great eye opener. When Life is a just a combination of small moments , why such for something which we can’t even chew ! Let us eschew our passion to know Life’s Purpose and instead make whatever we do purposeful spontaneously !

  7. At times I do not get words Aalif Sir to let you know how beautifully you craft the learning’s.. Thank YoU SO SO MUCH for sharing this one too… 🙂 Will make this read to My Dad as well… 🙂 Thank U again for such a Brilliant and heartfelt lessons… God Bless you always and may he grant you more strength 🙂

  8. Well written and inspired as usual 😉

    At a time in life when we think we’ve did “the turn” around things and “believe”that we achieved our aims,we are like lapped,on autopilot, the same thing every day, to pretty much,that depends by our emotions moment !
    Then it is time to rest the right questions !
    Because, yes, have aims in life in life is already great because we know why we act. But finding his ultimate aim, greater than ourselves, and discover our “reason to live” lets us know what we want to do and why, and to include all of our goals in a single direction that give us energy and considerable strength as we become able to give meaning to our lifetime.

    You are fortunate to have found your way ;-))


  9. “What you are seeking is not your calling, but a new path of ego-gratification.”
    Loved it!

    Was randomly searching for spiritual/humour blogs(since I have started one) and am glad that I stumbled upon this one. I was missing a lot!



  10. Aalif.. Don’t want to pressurise u… But look forward to ur next blog!! U not getting the telepathic signals am sending!! Why?….?….

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