Six Tips for Empaths Coping With Disasters

Earth GridOne day in October 2012, my brother and mentor GD experienced a strong sense of exhaustion without any cause. He slept five hours during the day and went to bed at 9:30 pm. During the waking hours, he said he felt so tired he ‘could barely stand’. “It was like my energy is being drained away,” he said, “and going somewhere else.” It was then that I informed him that the East Coast of the US had been hit by the worst storm in its history.

This was not the first time it had happened. Sometimes, during such times, he sensed a cloud of sadness and tears coming to his eyes. In 2011, I learned from author-psychic Penney Peirce that GD has always been what is known as an empath: a human tuning fork. Such people can directly ‘feel’ into others with X-Ray sensitivity. My mom has been a lifelong empath and my wife and I have been discovering our empathic abilities in the last one year too. I suspect more and more people out there are finding proof their natural empathic abilities without being consciously aware of it. (Not sure if you are an empath? Read this: 30 Traits of an Empath)

In the wake of the Oklahoma Tornado, I felt strongly about writing a blog post as an internet record for empaths to help them to deal with such natural disasters at an energetic level. I asked GD how he had learned to cope over the years with this powerful energetic outage. These were his suggestions:

1)   AVOID SELF-JUDGMENT: The biggest tip, according to GD, is to avoid self-judgment at times like this. And avoid being around people who do not understand what is happening. It is bad enough that you feel helpless lying flat on the bed without a reason, it is worse to be around someone who thinks you are shirking work or ‘just imagining’ things.

2)   NATURE: Being outdoors and in nature can help. Trees are powerful holders of positive energy and touching – or even hugging – a tree has been recommended by certain psychics. Being barefoot in the park is a great idea too.

3)   GROUNDING: Grounding your energy is said to one of the most useful things during this situation. In simple terms, keeping your bare feet touching the floor. If you have a grounding mat, this is a good time to use it. Another way to ground your energy is to visualize a cord connecting your feet with the crystalline core of the earth. Another way to clean your energy is with water – take a shower.

4)   FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION: You may be guided to certain meditations or to listen to certain podcasts. Or you may just be too tired to even read. The main thing is not to force anything – not even meditation or doing ‘spiritual’ things.

5)   AVOID WATCHING NEWS: Watching disaster news obsessively can suck you into a powerful morphic field of suffering, panic and helplessness. This is not helpful to yourself or others. If you must see the news for practical reasons, tune into it at specific times for a limited period. Don’t feed on the energy of drama.

6)   SEND BLESSINGS: Though it may not seem like during disaster time, realize that being an empath is a gift. Send blessings to people affected by the disaster if you feel moved to, or use the simple ho’oponopono declaration.

I hope these tips are useful to all the ‘sensitives’ out there in dealing with crises. If you feel your children are empaths, do guide them through this too. And remember that the energetic impact of a disaster can affect you a few hours before the disaster actually strikes. Finally, do pass this on to anyone else in your life who you feel may be an empath. Thank you.


Image Used Under Creative Commons via E8 Album

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    Now I know why I feel so low thought it was a birthday coming,,,
    Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

  2. Thank you for posting this Aalif 🙂 was planning a similar post myself. For now I will share this and if I write up on this eventually, will certainly incorporate your superuseful list !

  3. Very nice… I can so relate to times when all I do is sleep, for days. Thankfully I am too dazed in those times to ask questions as to why I am feeling this way. If nothing else works, just sleeping does. And when there is no access to nature, then aromatherapy oils work. Atleast those are things that I have been getting for the past year 🙂 Thanks…

      1. Wow… GD really explains things so simply! Love the simplicity of it 🙂
        Thanks. I’ll keep in mind about this next time. By the end of today though I am feeling a lot better. Much love.

  4. misty45

    Thanks Aalif. Your article really makes sense to me . I always wondered why I could suddenly feel ‘down’ for no apparent reason. Now I know why! I do try to avoid news reports, but it can be heartenining to see a report like the lady who found her dog in the rubble that was left of her house, on ‘live’ TV. Makes you believe that there is an angel somewhere looking after us. I always believed that I was an ’empath’, but your ’30 Traits’ confirms the fact. Except for point 28. I love antiques and old books, but won’t buy one if it ‘feels’ wrong! Going out in my garden now in my bare feet to hug a tree, after I have sent my blessings! And bless you for your thoughtful words 🙂
    P.S. I’m also a bit of an artist too, as well as a cook, gardener, mother and librarian. Think that’s why I draw pictures of SRK, because he seems empathic too! Visit @Misty45L on Twitter or if you want to see what I draw 😀

      1. misty45

        Oh, was that you? Thanks for looking at my page. Hope you liked what you saw 😀 Difficult not to like the subject though!

  5. misty45

    If you want to see more of my drawings that I haven’t posted yet (and even show them to SRK?), you could always follow me on Twitter???? Oh well, I can always dream 😀

  6. Thank you so much for this post Aalif. It brought much wisdom on so many things that I have always experienced but never understood. My emotions confuse my family to no end as well. I said yes to 99% of the 30 traits! In recent times, as the energies are shifting, things seems to affect me even more than they used to. I am going to save this post in a document and re-read it many times over. Thank you once again:)

  7. I recently spontanuously learned something about this subject. I noticed how f.i. standing in line and listening to someone telling the cashier his phonenumber (for renting a car) I would know the numbers at the same moment they were being said. It felt like I knew them a slight micro moment before they were being said, and it the past I would have explained this with the word ‘foresight’ or something. Now I realised in that moment that I know which numbers are going to be said, I actually know them in the exact same moment they are being said and this is because in that moment no sense of self or separation is active and I just merge with that apparent other one and thus know her thoughts like they were my own.
    I encounter this also in conversations I have with people.
    I realised how this was not a special gift, it was just the absence of the sense of self with leaves nothing but oneness (minus the word). I also realised this probably occurs on the feeling level as well, feeling the emotions from ‘the other one’ simultaniously. But that is harder to ‘check’ unless the emotions are worded by the other one or very apparent. Interesting investigation though 🙂

  8. Yes, it is a pattern repeating. I start to recognize the ‘symptoms’. Just wondering how to turn this energy into compassion – perhaps easier said than done.

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