Ancient Newborn Silence

The first photograph of Nirvaan when he entered our home after he was born.

When my son Nirvaan was a baby, my wife and I would put our ear to his little head. We could sense a deep peace within which is hard to describe. Every baby comes on this planet carrying this gift of silence, and gradually we fill it up with information. As Zen poets use haiku to capture the silence in nature, I tried to capture the natural silence inside all babies in this free-form haiku:

My newborn baby
Listen! Inside his soft head
Ancient silence

Image © Aalif Surti. All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Ancient Newborn Silence

  1. Hi Aalif – Om to babies and your adorable photo! Yes, and how quickly from that pure silence of Unknowing we are taught to fill up the space with beliefs, attitudes, conditionings….and then, have to rewind. shanti friend….

  2. Innocence portrayed 🙂 so peaceful and calming, little angels they are and that cutie pie is wise alright, wish life just treats them the way they deserve..Allah bless Him! Lovely Haiku.

  3. And how beautifully unbothered he is by the silence…we lose this along the way & become anxious with silence. This is how wise we are born, only to lose it all, so that we can travel towards ourselves. Bless you & your very inspiring loved ones, especially your baby boy 🙂 He doesn’t know how many have learnt from him 🙂

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