Ghosts, spirits and entities

An insightful piece by Deepti Gujar on “trading fear for love” when it comes to entities…

Flowering of eternity

I remember my first brush with entities. I had just finished my inner child healing course and was invited by a friend to stay over because she said that she constantly sensed the presence of someone. She even had had experiences of talking to them spontaneously and releasing a few of them into the light without any experience whatsoever. As a result she was afraid to meditate. She had just started reading spiritual books. And in a spontaneous conversation, when I told her about my spiritual experiences, alongwith a common friend who was also on this spiritual journey with me, she had felt safe enough to confide in us.
Our common friend was a highly clairvoyant person and often could not control the “seeing” and it scared her often. On the other hand, I had just started discovering my own clair-sentient abilities – I could “feel” things on my skin…

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