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Gifts of The Spirits

Gifts from Spirits

Ancient cultures kept their contact with ancestors alive and used spirits for guidance and healing. But today, when we speak about spirits of dead people, the stock reaction is one of ‘freaking out’. Thanks to books and horror movies, entities are typecast as evil, ugly and super-powerful. And tragically, today these entities – who are no more good or evil than us ‘living’ humans are – are probably the most maligned group in the world after the Nazis.

“The spirit realm interests me,” my mentor GD said to me a few months ago, “because it’s an area where we have shut down our awareness, a natural openness which we had as kids.”

He shared an incident that had happened to him. One night, he was woken up at 3.30 am and just could not go back to sleep. As he got up and went into his living room, he sensed some strange energies around him; the hairs on his body stood on end. Instead of shutting down or contracting himself, he sat very silently, expanded, and connected even more deeply with the spirits. He immediately sensed a group of burqa-clad women entities – almost 30 to 40 of them – who were stuck in this realm. On earth, they had been so religiously conditioned to believe in their sinfulness, that they now felt unworthy to go into the Light. As GD guided them to re-experience the Light within them and allowed them to see that they were as pure and untainted as ever, one by one they dissolved into energy particles and disappeared.  Within 30 minutes, the process was over and GD went back to sleep.

Over that weekend, I learned a more empathetic view of these ‘ghouls’ from GD. Strong emotional cords, GD explained, often keep spirits of these departed souls attached to earth in a psychic no-man’s land. Some don’t realize they are dead; others know they are dead, but for some reason can’t move on. And because their time-space reality is different from ours, they can stay stuck here for centuries. Moreover, he showed me that entities are not always uninvited strangers knocking upon our consciousness – we may hold spirits within our energy field too.

I discovered this in a most dramatic way that weekend, when GD did an entity release upon me! It was of an old woman, GD said, a past-life mother, who was in my aura holding a poverty paradigm. I had drawn her to me because I believed that terror around money was good and necessary for me. And this entity was doing just that: constantly scaring me about money and career and security. GD said that if I was willing, he would set this lady free from this ‘job’, and allow her to move on. While I closed my eyes, he moved his hands and whistled softly under his breath. I could swear my body was being rocked back and forth, as if on a choppy ocean. In just a few minutes, I felt lighter than I have felt in years. The sadness which had been a weight in my silence was gone, and a natural mischievousness returned.

Since that weekend, I have become more open and compassionate towards entities. Unlike GD and my therapist wife Aditi, I am not destined to be a ghost whisperer. But I feel we can all become ghost well-wishers. In broadening the scope of our awareness and compassion to include the world of the Dead, we can all embrace Life more fully.

Image used under creative commons license via h koppdelaney

18 thoughts on “Gifts of The Spirits”

  1. I remember my first brush with entities. I still feel intimidated though experientially they have not harmed me. It is that presumption that they want to do something to me that contracts me. Good advice from GD. I shall watch this next time. Recently at someone’s house a lot of people who were buried on the grounds started speaking. In a dream I could see the whole history of how they were all killed. It was brutal. And then someone mentioned a neem tree. I was very surprised the next morning that the neem tree on the grounds was the only thing that ancient. I felt called to bless the tree and thank it for clearing the spirits on the ground. It taught me a nice lesson – to not be afraid of my nightmares and treat them also as signs from the universe teaching you something. In the syllabus of life, everything is a chapter. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Wow – your reply should be a blog post in itself. I am sure a lot of people could benefit from opening up to these realms. And there’s so much to be said on this subject, one post is not enough!

  2. There is no world of “dead” dear friend, only life ever exists, and you are so right to say that while all are not called to be “ghost” whispers, each of us should be aware that we share existence with spiritual entities that no longer have bodies or never ever had one. I’m so happy for your experience and that you have a beautiful mentor to help you see more clearly a plane of existence that is invisible but very real. Be the light dear friend, be the light.

  3. There is nothing to fear about spirits…we can learn a lot about them and their world if we open our minds to communicate with them. Their world is closer than you think..’The Other Side of Ugly’ is correct in saying “There is no world of “dead”…only life in another form!

    1. Ha ha Swamijee, naam itni baar badle lekin lakshan nahin badle. You still find joy in pressing people’s buttons, don’t you? I don’t enjoy this game anymore, Swamijee. This is your second loaded comment and if you continue, I will say a big ‘ho jaaye’ and block you 🙂

  4. I see more people discussing this these days and I am glad. Several energy workers and therapists seem to feel that In the past six months or so, entities are showing up in larger numbers and my feeling is that perhaps as we become less biased by our conditioning, they become more apparent to us. Working with them to release trapped emotions, vows, etc.., just as one would with any other person, seems to support a quick and graceful transition. Glad you posted this Aalif 🙂 encourages me to speak about it more openly too.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. So true about larger numbers of them showing up. Aditi says its because the new energy is not supporting old stuck patterns anymore. Whatever the reason, I do feel them around more often now…
      On the path of advaita / meditation, one is taught to scoff at such phenomena so it took me a while to post this. 🙂

  5. hmmmm … that is a revelation… strangely 15 days back.. i was this person (a celebrity in his field and who is supposed to be a medium) in a meeting and he suddenly started giving me messages from my mom who passed away 10 years back… was strange! i just told him tell mom to chill… after she passed away i have never reached out to her with the fear that i should not bind her and deter her path…. i wanted her to be free.. plz ask her to move on… and not to worry at all.. he started correcting and convincing me its not a bother for mom and she is ok to be where she is… i vehemently disagreed.. he gave me book to explore and understand further… have not read the book yet!! but what he said was almost opposite of what is expressed by you.. i am confused… perhaps we should chat!
    thanks anyways… it re assures my belief in letting go.. let the spirit be free and one with the universe and be the universe.. not still be mom and limited!

    1. Hey Karuna, the world of entities is so vast and complex, it’s impossible to pin down in just one blog post. Probably like trying to describe our world of living creatures in 500 words! The book I have found most accessible (and been told by wiser ones as most true) is called “What Dreams May Come”. There was a movie version with Robin Williams which was not so good. Hope you get a chance to read it – it changes your perspective on life when you see it from this point of view!

  6. Thanks for the warning, beloved aalif ! you have all the rights to protect you and your interest. with gratitude i am blocking myself by saying final goodbye and ho jaaye ! with HIS blessings..whosoever.

    1. Thank you. Touched by the sweetness of the reply… For the first time, I feel HIS blessings in your words. I will reflect on whether there is an unnecessary protection of me and my interest. Meanwhile, goodbye & ho jaaye… and thank you yet again.

  7. That is soooooooo interesting!!! I have a book called “Freeing the Captives” which is about that kind of thing (spirit attachment) and I just need to get around to reading it!

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