Life As Smoke

Nirvaan SurtiMy little teacher is unwell, his face crumpled into a little ball. His voice a croak as he struggles to say ‘no’ even to all his favorite things. His dulled eyes uncomprehending what is happening. Such a change from his usual chirpy self. As we begin the business of doctors and medication, here is an unforgettable lesson he taught me last week.


My little boy walks
Through incense smoke curls
Giggling. Turns to do it again.
Holds. Bites. Nothing Remains.
Beaming: “Papa, look!”

I see my own life,
Curling into nothingness 
As I move past every moment
Just like vapor. And I wish I got
the giggling part right.


7 thoughts on “Life As Smoke

  1. Tell him, he’s got a superpower! really, really! just like any superhero! That he can close his eyes & look to anywhere he’s feeling unwell & just send the biggest beam of happiness right there & cure it! Like a super laser! Tell him his superpower worked on you ….really really! Every time he beams you with joy, it vanishes any ill point in your being! If he replays “papa, you haven’t been sick in a while” tell him, it’s because he was always so happy! & that he should do it for himself too!!
    Lots of love & health to you beautiful baby boy 🙂

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