The Imaginary Story of ‘Me’

Cloud Christ

Seeing the response for The Illusion of Ownership, here’s another GD ‘on the rocks’. I love putting up these posts as I am constantly amazed by how much GD conveys with such few words. A note of caution from my experience: don’t speed through, connecting catch-words and key phrases. I find it reveals much more when I go slow… sip… savor… allow it to sink in… and repeat. There is more hidden in here than meets the eye… 🙂

The mind works hard to make everything mean something.

It is always trying to connect the threads
of every thought, every emotion, every event that happens.

That is how the mind has created the entire story of ‘my life’.

It has woven innumerable threads of perception to create a pattern.
A logical and linear pattern that makes sense to us,
and to others when we narrate it.

Someone else in the same life situations
may have focused on completely different threads,
and created a completely different pattern
with a completely different story and meaning.

No matter which threads we have chosen, and which pattern we have created,
the story of our life is more about creative perception rather than truth.

What if nothing really meant anything.
And all the meanings we have plastered are nothing but our own creativity.

How much time and energy gets spent on this imaginary story of ‘me’.
We love it – we hate it.
We cling to it – we want to destroy it.
We want to share it with the world – and we want to hide it as well.

But what if the entire story of our life is just fiction…
Just a few thought forms still hanging around because we want them to.

What if we are story-less, past-less, personality-less…
absolutely undefined and undefinable.

What if we are just an open space
with infinite potential and possibility.

What if this story of ‘me’ that we love so much is actually our bondage…
a box, a fence, a jail made of flimsy thoughts.

Are you willing to taste the explosive freedom
that you are without ‘me’ and ‘my story’?


9 thoughts on “The Imaginary Story of ‘Me’

  1. When I read GD’s words, I don’t know whether to jump for joy or drown in a bottle of vodka. These words are so meaningful…everything I have been processing these past days. The trouble is, I keep coming up with reasons why some thoughts are valid…or are they as GD says ‘Just a few thought forms still hanging around because we want them to.’ The mind is a madhouse full of nutters barking at the moon .

    I wonder if I could request a post from GD that addresses the question of WHAT TO DO with the thoughts. Do we just acknowledge that they are a fiction? Is that enough to be free, i.e. is acknowledgment enough to gain Moksha after death, total freedom from this hell-hole? Or do we have to ‘work on’ something? That’s where my mind traps me; it keeps prodding me to work on myself. I’m starting to think its a nuisance! I don’t want to be an ‘I’ or a ‘me’, but I seem stuck in this Yaz identity. HELP US ALL GD!!!!

    • Will definitely bring this up with him. Thanks for the question, Yaz. I know what you mean. Mind-madhouse-nutters-moon is such a perfect visual image! 🙂

  2. Sounds like something from the site.
    Changing the relationship to thought is what awakening looks like.

    Yaz: you don’t want to be an I or a me ? Great ! You aren’t. No one is.
    How could the flow of experience ever squeeze its fluid vastness into a thought called “I” ?
    That’s the fiction. There isn’t anything to do, but there is plenty to notice.
    One step at a time, notice where is this “me” supposed to be hiding ?
    What of all it claims to do does it really do ?
    Thinking about it does not help.
    Seeing is what it’s about.
    What would it look like if life were just living,
    without the story of me, the doer ?

    Try it out – I double dog dare you with sprinkles on top !


  3. In the culture of “me & mine” we’ve learnt to divert potential to fit the matchboxes it endorses…this is a liberating beautiful thought! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. I was going to message this to GD today but sharing it here: Some time back I had called GD up for a decision and he brutally showed me what an illusion I was harboring. It was just the thing I needed to shake the rice out of my shoes. Ever since then I remembered his words – “Consciousness doesn’t give a damn Deepti”. Today when I experienced a surge of excitement at having my blog shared by Dr.Christiane Northrup, I heard GD in my head saying this. It quietened me, helped me send out a note of gratitude and grounded me in my joy. 🙂 I am so grateful to him. I guess it would matter more to him that I remembered this rather than message him. Thank you for this post Aalif.

    • Wow – awesome… and congratulations about the Northrup sharing… Such an amazing interconnected world we live in today! We are all teachers and all students 🙂

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