Love Is A Place

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In Rupert Spira’s new book Presence I came across this amazing poem by ee cummings that I wanted to share as a reminder as we begin a new year.

While introducing this poem, Spira says: “The first words I ever heard my teacher say were “Meditation is a universal ‘Yes’ to everything.” Everything that came after that was simply a commentary on these words, though I didn’t realize this for some time. Everything started with that and resolved into that. At some point, life, love and meditation became indistinguishable.”

love is a place
and through this place of
love move
(With brightness of peace)
all places

yes is a world
and in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds

With the hope that these words become your daily experience this coming year, I wish you all a superhappyfragilistic 2013!

Image used under creative commons via Lel4nd

11 thoughts on “Love Is A Place

  1. Ah goodness, I just discovered Rupert Spira for the first time yesterday, and did not see how it tied in with your post until just now…just a little synch wink for me. Thanks for playing the role that shows me again how everything is connected! Rupert has been helping me say “yes,” and when not resisting, there is nothing to grab hold of here! Blessings, friend!

    • Awesome! We both (and all of us) play the roles for each other without realizing it. Rupert Spira is someone GD regards very highly, especially because he speaks on the embodiment aspect within non-duality.

      By the way, have you discovered the Urban Guru Cafe Podcast series yet…? 100 interviews with modern nondual teachers interspersed with lovingly chosen music. It was created by the students of Sailor Bob and for me was a good example of conscious creativity.

      Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing that poem. I have been contemplating the many meanings of love and by chance came upon your blog. Thank you for sharing this! Hope the new year is prosperous for you.

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