Adding Nothing To This Moment

Recently, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. As I experienced a part of my face gradually freezing, I was advised not to read, work on the computer or watch TV for a few days. The gift out of it was the necessity to give up my favorite unconscious “go-to” activities during the day. And for the first time in ages, I was forced to sit with myself and just be. Out of this experience, came these few lines.

Adding nothing to this moment
No information, no study, no distraction.

Adding nothing to this moment
No planning, no creating, no manifesting.

Adding nothing to this moment
Not awareness, not seeking, not even peace.

Not making a virtue out of stillness
Nor waiting for a reward.

It seems like a lifetime since I’ve sat
in a naked moment without purpose.

I keep stuffing words and things to fill every moment
When I stop, I realize I AM the meaning – and it’s enough.

How did it ever become so hard to do
the simplest thing ever?


Image used under Creative Commons via Pranav Babu

18 thoughts on “Adding Nothing To This Moment

  1. Beautiful. I wanted to say, ‘to be’, this moment, but ‘I am’, takes it deeper. The ‘I am’ is a story forgotten. Love the ease of your poem. It reflects the ease of being ‘ i am’, in this moment. Inspiring. Thank you.

  2. That’s a lovely, lovely poem! We all need more naked moments in our lives. Sorry to hear about your illness. Doesn’t Bell’s Palsy eventually resolve on its own? I remember that it happened to Ralph Nader once.

    • Am well now. A little humbler also because I had to take steroids when I initially wanted to allow it to heal on its own and use alternative treatments. But seeing half the face drooping more and more after four days, I decided to go for medication. So overall, an interesting little detour. πŸ™‚

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