Flowering of eternity

A few days back I met GD, Aalifs mentor. I kept feeling that I am meeting not him, but the one I call Mauli. He made me aware of the most precious thing Mauli had given me – remembrance  I have no recollection of when that happened, but somewhere in the course of me gravitating towards her, there was a moment where I went completely absent. It was a sense of deep interconnectedness like a wide, gushing river so powerful, but unheard. It could only be sensed, watched. It was just that interconnectedness and nothing else.

GD put this in words – consciousness is here through every key being touched on the keyboard, these words reaching your eyes in a space of light – that is where it is….before cognizance, there is consciousness. Before you remember to breathe, it has brought about the breath. And this consciousness is impersonal…

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