Skeptics, Mystics & New Ways Forward…

Therapist and Life Coach Sangeeta Bhagwat writes a lovely post about opening up to the unseen all around and her experience with the Inergetix-CoRe Healing device…

Serene Reflection

Kirlian Leaf

I have learned not to dismiss things I do not understand.  I laughed when I first heard of Reiki and remote healing.  Until my back was against the wall and I was willing to try anything that did not threaten to worsen the existing situation.  Ever since, a more mature, open minded approach has brought rich learning and new knowledge.    Consequently, I have taken a keen interest in Complementary & Alternative Medicine for most of my adult life.

I have studied, practised and taught various healing modalities for many years now.  In my experience, the tools themselves continue to evolve and newer processes seem to be increasingly elegant, safe and effective.  I feel that advances in both, technology as well as in healing processes can contribute to a raising of consciousness.  Hence, I like to experiment with tools that demonstrate a healthy integration of science and spirituality.

My good friend,

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