Life Without A Path

A few weeks ago, I began a blog series called ‘The Crossroad Chronicles’. The idea was to share some of the practices and insights that helped me out of the crossroads I faced in my life last year. Last week, after a conversation with my mentor GD, I decided to end it mid-way. And I am thrilled about it. Here’s why:

A crossroad, GD reminded me, is simply a mind-construct, and a serious, painful and scary one at that. To describe our life through that lens – to discuss and agree upon it – makes it more real. Then the mind connects the dots on the current experiences we label ‘suffering’ and ‘painful’ into a web called the ‘crossroad’. As GD puts it: “We are always in an ‘open sky’. There is never even a road – forget a crossroad!”

The crossroad concept also promotes some fantasy of fulfillment in the future. To imply that by doing certain things, going through a process or finding an answer, one can find the way out of the crossroads is misleading in my experience. It is more accurate to say that the subject of finding the perfect road ceases to trouble you after a while. What one finds is a space, not an answer.

Yet, I see many friends around the planet going through unprecedented shifts in their life. And there are tools and insights that, I feel, can help them and will continue to share on the blog. But without projecting that they are being crucified on a cross or a crossroad! More from the peaceful, joyful space of awareness, in which everything is already perfect.

That evening, GD’s words brought me back to this simple space. The space which is always HERE, even when ‘we’ are not here. The space which stays, solid and immovable, even when the mind brings in the past or future and begins to say: “Yes, but…” Most of all, the space which is accessible to all of us right now, not on the other side of the crossroad.

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