The Mind-Stopping Questions

This morning I was in a frenzy – planning, rushing and generally overwhelmed. Midway through a conversation on the phone, GD asked me a few simple questions that stopped the mind in its tracks instantly. Wanted to share them for everyone who may be feeling a little bit hurried in their lives right now. Here are the questions:

What if there was really nobody inside…?

What if there was nobody inside… who could or could not do anything?

What if there really is nobody inside… to do or not do anything?

What if there is actually no separation from Life?

What if everything that is happening is part of the Whole functioning?

What if this conversation is happening only because the entire universe wants it to…?

That was it. I sighed. Closed my eyes. I stopped pushing my body to make something more of this moment than was already happening. The solid motionless silent block of here-now was back.

Something magical had just happened. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Mind-Stopping Questions

  1. You have a way of writing that sets such a clear image in my mind and makes me smile. The simplicity of
    “That was it. I sighed. Closed my eyes.” was one of those clear pictures for me. In those few words I know I too have felt this kind of clarity kick in where you remember what we’re really doing here. Thanks for that:).

    • Isn’t it mysterious how something as lumpy and claylike as words can sometimes connect straight through…? Makes it worth the effort! Thanks for your comment…

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