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Six Things I Have Learnt from a Three Year Old

My son Nirvaan, like all toddlers, is more energy than a bagful of monkeys. And while we are teaching him to tie his pajamas and string sentences, he teaches us some big things about Life in return. Every parent has their own version of this, here’s mine:

  1. Saying NO has nothing to do with my relative size or my strength. If I am a victim in my life, it’s not because of my powerlessness, it is because of my beliefs.
  2. Jealousy is inbuilt. As is anger, annoyance and other emotions I struggle to change in myself. And so is uncontrollable ecstasy, which I allow too little of in my life.
  3. Anything fun doing once, is worth doing twice. Anything fun doing twice becomes a game. Life is a series of cool games.
  4. Actual physical pain lasts fifteen-twenty seconds – beyond that, it is my story of suffering which keeps it going. If going to the hospital can be made into a fun adventure, pain does not exist.
  5. Doing things on my own as soon as I can is the whole point. Depending on others all your life is not natural.
  6. Every second, gravitate towards the most fun thing possible. With the most fun person around.

7 thoughts on “Six Things I Have Learnt from a Three Year Old”

    1. It is a mater of way how you perceive and own things around you.All six points lie very close to our heart and which we fail to recognize or realize, with such notes at least we find some knocks at heart’s door to know ourselves. thanks a lot.

  1. I know i know that’s why we hang out together all the time:D just could not start reading beyond the adorable picture, had to pull myself away from it:) great job with the write up never doubted your abilities anyways so the pull the article has is but natural. Proud of you always!!!

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