Take A Break

I wrote this for a friend who’s consumed with building a business empire, but this could just have been a message to me a few years ago.

Take a break, o working man
If your hours and minutes
were really worth money
you would be a billionaire by now.

Hit a pause, o worried man
If your mind really
held all the answers
you would have finished thinking long ago.

Not your life, my friend:
a day, an hour, just a few minutes
to listen to someone wiser than you
who seems happy all the time.

Look up from your electronic toys:
life has passed in a finger-snap,
what remains will pass
even faster.

Make some time today, my soul-brother,
Let’s meet the wise friend,
who always
has time for us.

4 thoughts on “Take A Break

  1. Aalif. this is a lesson I am still learning and teaching as I learn..
    A very dear lesson..
    Its so difficult to take a break for some of us.. and yet so necessary..
    And there are deeper and deeper layers and subtleties in taking a break..

    I am just enjoying such a resonance with what you write… that I am taking the liberty to share how deeply I resonate.. below 😉

    My first blog post was..

    Slowing down to ‘speed’ up .. 😉

    And even before that it had occured to me that even if we can take 10 minute vacations in the day, it would being a spaciousness that would heal.

    A 10 minute vacation

    To breathe, to sing, to listen to the breeze, to laugh, to call a friend we havent spoken in ages.. or just a minute to send him that sms!

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