10 Mind Strategies for Avoiding Change – which one is yours?


“I don’t need clarity!” a friend of mine argued. “I already know where I am stuck and what I need to do, I only wish I had the willpower.”

I smiled, remembering how often I had said the same thing to my spiritual teacher GD. And he had gently reminded me that if I could clearly see where the door was, I didn’t need courage or will power to find the way out.

And when GD began identifying the hidden mind-strategies which keep us stuck at crossroads, all I could say was ‘wow, that’s me!’ with every one of them. Knowing these strategies helped me to ease out of my stuck situation without struggling against myself. Knowing them took away their power.

When GD switched on these lights, the terrible giant shadow cast on the wall turned out to be a small rat. Without this clarity, I could have spent a lifetime shadow-boxing and proving to myself and others how impossible it was to change one’s life.

Click here for the downloadable PDF of GD’s 10 MIND STRATEGIES FOR AVOIDING CHANGE. I am sure many of them will resonate for you as well. And feel free to share it with whoever you think would be helped by these insights.

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10 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks Aalif.. this is so good.
    And I feel so happy that you have started blogging. I must also share so much that GD has given me.. Each time I speak to him and listen to him.. I feel I must do an immediate spontaneous blog post. You have subscribed to my blog which I dont update often. Tao of Facilitation..

    Wonder if you had a look at http://www.CoEVolveWithKiran.wordpress.com
    I would love to speak to you sometime soon

  2. Dear Aalif,
    How truly mindblowing this is! 🙂 Firstly, that you could give “structure” to these obscure meanderings is truly a hats off. Secondly, that each of them is like those dreaded breakpoints in the Lord of the Rings drama (at one point in which you are really throwing down the hat and asking yourself, “dammit! when does this end!”) 🙂
    Loved the writing…the humor…the essence.

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