Facing the Void

The Joy of Doing Nothing @ Christine Skirrow

Something about this conversation strongly resonated with me – the question as well as the answer. I could identify with the beautifully-articulated question about losing one’s direction, having been through those sleepless nights last year. And I am still grateful to be reminded again and again by my spiritual teacher GD and other teachers to not resist this void. Especially when the mind’s habit is to get into hyper-doing to try and ‘fix’ and ‘push’ things. It’s scary for the mind to let go of its fixed habitual anchor-points and live moment to moment in the Flow.

I know many of my friends are going through a similar sense of being at crossroads in their lives and I hope this helps them too. The answers were given a few weeks ago by two channelled entities – Adamus (Geoffrey Hoppe) and White Eagle (Jonette Crowley). The full talk audio and transcript is available at the Crimson Circle website. I have edited just a few words of banter which is indicated with a […]

MICHELLE: There’s a reason I can’t get to sleep at night. I just keep thinking and thinking and thinking, and I feel like I’ve lost my direction. And I’ve always had some kind of connection or direction, kind of knowing in general where I might be going or what I should be doing. And I have nothing, and I try and try and try and figure it out, and I can’t seem to get any kind of answers or I just don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m finding it very difficult.
WHITE EAGLE: So when there is no clear direction, then the clear direction is to enjoy the void. Many of you are jumping into huge consciousness shifts. You can’t do it from going from one step to the next and be in a different world. Sometimes you have to traverse the void, and the void is directionless by its very nature. It is unanchored. It is uncomfortable. And all the parts of your aspects that dislike it go crazy. And if you can just appreciate and embrace the void for its qualities of nothingness and not feel that you must be doing something wrong because you don’t have a decision here, embrace the void, because it is the best teacher of the new consciousness, and most of you hate it.
ADAMUS: Actually, it was perfectly stated. There’s nothing I could really add to it, but I will. (laughter) No, very true. You go through this void, as White Eagle said. You go through the releasing of the old linear path, and it is very uncomfortable. So your mind, having been programmed to think through everything, keeps scanning. “What should I be doing next? What will make me worthy?” As I said before, actually, if nothing works, do nothing, because then it’s working. You release old passions. You release old patterns. Can you just be with the fact that it’s okay to sit up late and watch Ancient Aliens? And can you be alright with the fact that you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to have direction. Actually, better. See, you’re absolutely wise, because that other part of you says, “I don’t need direction.” On top of that, get rid of all your goals.


ADAMUS: All of them. All of your plans for what things are supposed to be like. Goals are mental and they’re limiting. There might have been a time when goals worked. But where you’re going now, where all of you are going, goals are laughable. They’re an absolute joke. So let go of it. And the best thing, as White Eagle said, let yourself have fun in the void.

Reproduced with Permission from the Crimson Circle

9 thoughts on “Facing the Void

  1. I really like your blogs, and this one jumped out at me, because it so relates to what motivated me to try to draw/paint the very first time in late 2009, to sort out my own feelings about facing the void in my own life, when words were just getting in the way, and I thought trying to randomly explore through means utterly foreign to me seemed to be a good way to connect to self without being able/trying to drive the bus. No words to bury or analyze or obfuscate or put boundaries around it. Had no idea what would emerge but whatever it was would tell me something I needed to understand when I was done, once it had “cooked”.

    I had no idea why that seemed like a good idea at the time, though I have since learned why that was the thing I needed to do. This was my very first art, blog and journal effort in my life: http://biggirlpill.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/my-first-art-journal/, and the process that I was using something I couldn’t control to connect with myself and explore facing the void. As a lifelong fencepost-jumper

  2. Oh I’ve had a lot of those sleepless nights! Once, rather than meditate or do anything else “spiritual”, I decided to switch on the TV. The movie channel was about to show “Nights in Rodanthe.” Being such a huge Richard Gere fan and having missed seeing the film during its initial run, I even felt so blessed that I was awoken in the middle of the night! 🙂 I felt so uplifted, I was able to go back to sleep, and I was recharged and was in high spirits the rest of the day. How much more spiritual can that be? Thank you for posting this and reminding us that “if nothing works, do nothing, because then it’s working.” Love that! 🙂 Much blessings, namaste…♥♥♥Nadine Marie♥♥♥

    • Ha ha… Isn’t it amazing to be able to share postcards from this incredible journey with people around the world? This was the reason GD wanted me to begin this blog. He felt it was all happening and changing so fast that a book which came out a year later would be outdated.

      It’s painful at times but it does reveal amazing new openings and insights. And life can be a lot worse than having Richard Gere as a 4 am friend!

      • I know. What an incredible journey indeed! Amazing, painful, overwhelming, unbearable… My acupuncturist has gotten used to my erratic sleeping pattern. He was getting so frustrated initially but I think I’ve managed to convince him that all I want to focus on is to be grateful that weekly acupuncture sessions help keep me sane. 🙂 And especially having Richard Gere keeping me company, anytime! 🙂 Ooops, careful what I wish for…

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