A Meditation To Go Beyond Peace

One Sunday, while we were basking in the resonant silence after a particularly beautiful meditation, GD began speaking about letting go of even the peace. The silence deepened immeasurably as we absorbed each line, and the earlier peace soon felt efforted, tense and ‘noisy’ in comparison. After the session, I tried to remember what he had said to point us to the place beyond peace. Here is some of it, from my memory:

Let go of peace.

Any peace you will attain is also an experience and therefore temporary

Even if it could be made permanent, who would make it stay?

The ‘entity’ seeking the peace also does not exist.

It is a desire – a thought – arising in that moment, nothing else.

The thought is creating a picture of ‘peace’ and trying to catch it.

But thought is like a limbless beggar trying to capture the sky.

The TV screen cannot be separated from the characters that are appearing on it,
except in theory,

The characters are also made up of the same stuff that is the TV screen.

So the characters are not lesser than the screen.

In that way, the world is not lesser than or inferior to God / Consciousness.

It is just the perceptions of the pixels as permanent, independent characters which is flawed,

But this perception cannot change the screen in any way, nor can it change the nature of the world.

The world cannot be anything other than the stuff called God — all is God, all is good.

No part of the world is therefore less God.

I am God, and in seeing that, simultaneously everyone else is God too so there cannot be arrogance.

In seeing that, there is an end to primal guilt of separation. There is a sense of kingliness.

In understanding this, one does not gain anything.

In forgetting this, one does not lose anything.

With this understanding, pain is experienced as a sensation without aversion.

Chaos is seen as a dance of energy, because there is no push to get to peace quickly.

And the thought of chaos is also God.

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