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5 Super-Simple Tips to go from Internet Zombie to Internet Zen Dude

Working on the internet is like being in a crowded bazaar, protected by glass from the noise, but feeling the energy of the busyness and chaos; catching the screaming confusion of others who have been in this bazaar for too long, some who have forgotten the way out.

It’s a fast world, the internet — time here runs faster than seconds, it zips by in clicks. For even a second is sometimes too long to wait for a page to load, or a video to buffer. The internet is the domain of restless fingers and ceaseless thinking and darting eyes. And in losing myself in it, I become another arm of the million-armed monster who is restless, hyper-active mentally and a ghost-like zombie in the real world.

A strong reason for this is the electro-magnetic radiation aka dirty electricity which your body picks up. According to Dr Lance Macleod-Lutchin, over 2000 studies have connected EMF radiation to rapid or irregular heart beat, pain or pressure in chest, high or low blood pressure, numbness in arms, legs fingers or shoulders, constant fatigue, weakness, depression, headaches, lack of focus, memory loss, blurred vision, insomnia, cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis just to name a few.

Here are tips that REALLY WORK, tips which I have picked up over many years from various sources, to help you stay zen-centred inside the machine.

Keeping one’s feet flat on the ground is always helpful, if possible bare feet – at the very least, not folding your legs and hooking them to the stem of your swivel chair. Earthing the electromagnetic energy aka the dirty electricity is excellent whether you are using a tablet or a laptop. See this unforgettable video by health guru David Wolfe where he measures the actual voltage coming from a laptop, iPad and Kindle using an EMF meter.

Yes, I know it’s called the laptop but don’t keep it directly on the lap. Even manufacturers say the name was given more for marketing purposes – the laptop needs a flat base to function best. Keeping it on a base also cuts the radiation to your thighs. By the way, since you didn’t read the fine print, Apple has a warning about this point in the Macbook manual. And by the way, macbooks are no longer called ‘laptops’ in the manuals.

Nature is the best antidote to electronic radiation. Sit near nature or look at nature or go out into nature. In every which way you can, connect with the energy of living things. Japanese author Masaru Emoto’s research on resonance has shown how the crystals of water get bizarrely distorted around electromagnetic fields. Your body is 70% water – go figure. Here’s a link to an interview with Masaru Emoto on how water is affected by energy.

‘Malling’ is a term my wife and I have coined for when we are aimlessly browsing on the internet, long after our work is done, simply unable to leave. This is generally when our energy has been sucked out, our eyes hurt and our backs are hunched but we just cannot walk away from the screen. Like a junkie looking for the next fix, we click the next link – neither reading nor absorbing. Most of it will be forgotten by the next day, or until the mail order items we ordered in our daze arrive after a few days.

Your fingers are where all the stress is first picked up – they are the primary contact points. Relax your fingers and you will find the rest of you falling more easily at peace. The other variation of this exercise is to gaze fixedly at one point off the screen – when the eyes stop their little automatic samba movements, the mind starts becoming quiet. Another great tip: if you are stuck on the computer for long stretches, wash your hands and face every few hours. Running water is great for clearing stuck energy and dirty electricity.

And as soon as you can, go and do something fun, something that involves all your senses, something that makes you feel glad all of you is alive – not just a pair of eyes connected to a brain!

PS: GD has promised me he will share some Advanced Tips for grounding energy while working on the computer – tips which may require a little preparation or equipment. Stay tuned for more on this subject. Meanwhile, keep your feet grounded and keep your head out of the iClouds.

6 thoughts on “5 Super-Simple Tips to go from Internet Zombie to Internet Zen Dude”

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    Aalif always writes very well.
    I love his view of reality. It also comes with a comic twist.
    And this is a subject close to my heart.
    What addicts us can also release us into Zen.

    I have spoken on fb about how wsap can be a new-world sadhana.
    Do have a look and also you may want to
    check out
    6 apps to stop smart phone addiction:

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