5 Awesome Reasons To Stay A Victim!

Being a victim is the most popular massive multiplayer offline role-playing game we play on the planet today.

For some of us who are familiar with new age philosophy (read: Deepak Chopra/Wayne Dyer), we do sense this with vague uneasiness. That we have something called ‘choice’ which means that we are not really victims at work or in our marriages. But hey, easy for them to say when they have a Malibu mansion and charge $1800 an hour to open their mouth, right?

For the rest of us, I say: heck, why not enjoy it! So here’s five uber-cool reasons to stay a victim for the rest of your life.

  1. There’s lots of company
    What would you gossip around the water-cooler about without a common face on the dartboard? Being a victim is social butter – you can get into any group if you just find the right subject to complain about: the recession, politician or consumerism, Obama, Osama or yo’ mamma.
  2. You never have to stand for anything
    Because you always stand against everything. You can join online forums and chat groups about “people-who-have-a-problem”. You don’t need to stand up and risk being pelted or making mistakes – you have a permanent seat in the peanut gallery!
  3. You can avoid foo-foo things like love and forgiveness
    After all, you’re the victim around here! As my saintly bro GD says, deep down, every victim hates others for dominating, controlling and defeating him. How cool is that? With such solid reasons, forgiveness can kiss my unsainted behind!
  4. You don’t need to make any decisions…
    Woohoo! How does a free ride in life get any better than this? See, nothing is in your hands in the first place. Your boss, your family, money, your dog – everyone has taken away your freedom. Even if you made decisions, who would follow them! And it’s amazing how much you can get others to do for you with a little well-placed guilt.
  5. You can have so much drama in your marriage!
    Marriages are such door-slamming fun with two victims – never a dull moment with both partners planning solid defense-attack-counter attack strategies. I may not win, bitch, but I will not let you win either! Go for it…

And while we’re at it, let’s shut up all those damn teachers who say that I am choosing every day to be a victim out of the fear of being responsible and powerful. GD even says a needy, clingy poor-me never gets admiration, respect and love. But not being loved is a small price to pay – sympathy is just love decaf, if you ask me! And who the heck wants to be a happy, joyous and radiant person who is a blessing to himself, his family and to the entire planet? Down here is where the pity party’s at!

Awesome Cartoon by Aalif Surti… any resemblance to any Stanley in real life purely coincidental!

5 thoughts on “5 Awesome Reasons To Stay A Victim!

  1. Typical human behavior. We like to complain, we like to gossip, we like to blame, and we like everything that is entertaining.

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