Half-stirring in sleep, a sound

Of a birdcall as elaborate as brocade,

as clear as a bell fills the silence within

Is the birdsong within me?

Or am I enveloped within its sound?

Or are we both as ripples

within a larger universal being?


Before I can pause or consider,

my eyes open to the morning,

wall, window frame, bookshelf appear.

The armor of me clunks back in place:

the ball and chain of my name anchors me,

the weight of the body makes everything else solid too.


The little bird is far away now,

I am heavy, I am apart, I am running late.  


In a few moments, I forget

when the birdcall and me,

were dancing as one in wordless ecstasy.


In a few hours, I even begin to believe,

this solid life is mostly pleasant enough.

And set about fixing the other parts.

Hoping to then feel ‘happy’.


In my rush to reach happy, it never strikes me

to ask what happy would feel like when I found it?


Could it be that I fill my days seeking that empty moment

when my birdsong and me were alone in a boundless sky?


7 thoughts on “BIRDSONG

  1. 🙂
    ….grabbed in thoughts of the words you shared….!!! Enjoying reflecting…what roles I play….!!! Resonate with birdsong…which keeps playing inside me… it plays in the same way every moment….but I go silent to it…!!! …Keep sharing!

    • Thanks Sonia, i resisted GD’s suggestion (as usual!) of a blog for many months saying “who cares about blogs”, “what will i write”, “what if people think i’m cuckoo” etc. But now I am so glad to have listened to him…

      • ….am glad you doing it….!!! All that you will share now is from your point of complete self. So words that come from there will be complete too…:) Your poem does have lot of significance. I actually had no words last night to write. It took me sometime to pass through the void and write….:) Am glad you started writing here…:) I have two blogs…will share with you !!!

  2. WOW!! read it twice, every time with a deep feeling of closeness, to each is a beauty Aalif!! Honored to be introduced to that spiritual poet in you 🙂 keep him surfing within the soul of time

    • Thanks for your kind words Abeer… I find it amazing that I never know how a poem is going to end. I just get the first lines and trust the trail leads somewhere interesting… It’s fun discovering the poem as I go along!

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