Do We All Have Psychic Superpowers?

Today, I had the strangest experience. I telephoned a film producer who I haven’t spoken to for a month. Twice his number was busy – he didn’t call back. Later in the morning, I called him and his phone rang without an answer. As I hung up, I experienced the strangest shudder running through my body. It was like my body was trembling with a charge of emotion. I thought nothing about it and went about my day. He did not call back. In the evening, I tried his number again – it rang and no one picked up. But again, I experienced the same unpleasant shiver seizing my body.

This time, I remembered a mind-bending assertion I had heard a few weeks before on an internet radio show hosted by Access Consciousness facilitator Rikka Zimmerman. ‘Somewhere between 90-95% of your thoughts and feelings are not your own,’ she said. ‘Your body is like an antenna picking up others’ energies all the time, which you attach to as if they are your own.’ The experiment she suggested was for three days to ask oneself: who does this thought or feeling I am experiencing right now belong to?

I tried it on the bus to Pune and glimpsed a radical new way of living. As I sat in the reclining seat, I began feeling rushed and irritated, though I was in no hurry to reach. ‘And who does this belong to?’ I asked myself and found the emotion begin to distance itself on its own. Like Rikka suggested, I did not bother too much on identifying the source, but only in questioning whether it was really mine.

Like many people, all my life I have been sensitive to the energy of places – certain places can make me almost physically sick. To an extent, I have also been sensitive to people, but never considered it to this level. Recently, as I have explored this question, I find myself remaining centered rather than buffeted by inexplicable winds.

Yes, sometimes, it is my own anger and sadness and fear, especially when there is a practical problem facing me. But the sign to know when it is not my own feeling is when there is no story running in my head that supports the feeling. Interestingly, if I identify with the emotion as mine, in a few seconds or minutes, the mind even creates a story to support the energy! And I may begin to argue with my wife about something trivial which I don’t even care about in the first place… don’t we all know that one?

GD, a being who’s mental chatter is mostly silent, has been experiencing this evolved empathy for years without any effort on his part. He can talk to someone on the phone and know if they are experiencing a stomach upset for example, because he feels it too. And he is not right about this 99% of the time – he is 100% right. It’s not a calculated guess – it’s a simple observation. Because he has no agenda in conversation, from the flow of his own words, he understands the receiving space of the other. Even in a moment of silence on the phone, he can sense if you are momentarily distracted or if you are resisting something he just said. It’s freaky sometimes and amazing most of the time, but everyone around him has gotten used to it.

He can tune into a person he knows in another part of the world and know what they are experiencing in this moment. At times, it’s been a problem too: suddenly finding his body suffering the frequency of someone who is angry with him. Or suddenly feeling a sense of heaviness from an unknown source. He cannot always tell where it comes from, but it is always someone he has an emotional connect to. And it invariably becomes obvious later who was the owner of the emotion.

But mostly it is a gift for everyone around him. It makes him a fantastic therapist – he can sense the subtlest problems of clients even when they themselves don’t know or can’t articulate them. He sometimes suddenly phones those of us connected with him when we are having a hard day in our worlds, and lightens the load. It’s all so simple and down-to-earth.

I share all this because I believe what GD has is not a mutant superpower, but a hidden gift in all of us – a gift whose time is coming to be made conscious. I also have the conviction that this will be a normal way of functioning of more of mankind in the future. GD, having devoted his life to his inner growth, has developed this telepathy and empathy to a higher degree than most of us today. But I know others who are developing such simple ‘psychic superpowers’ effortlessly too. I think we all experience it at times, and are filled with wonder momentarily, but we don’t join the dots as we are carried along the day-to-day problems of our lives.

For me, the experience today with the producer was revealing. When I thought about it, I realized he was upset with me, and I could understand why. It was his anger my body was suddenly feeling. Since he would not pick up my calls, today was obviously not the right time to clear matters. So I did the next best thing that Rikka had advised – I smiled and said to myself internally: “Return to sender with thousand-fold consciousness!”

4 thoughts on “Do We All Have Psychic Superpowers?

  1. In my childhood when I had a single hiccup , my grandma used to say , “some relative /friend of yours is missing you ” ….and i used to wonder who he/ she might be 🙂 . To my surprise ‘that ‘ relative / friend used to land up at our place by evening itself .Is it so that i used to experience their emotions at that point of time ?

    ( Although I know that hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm but i still love to associate this with some of my dear friend or a relative 🙂 )

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