Last Night: A Poem


Last night, I looked into a tube-lit house

from my window, I could see

the vivid maniacal colors of the tv,

throwing giant shadows on the walls,

Like a macabre hypnosis ritual in progress;

I could see a lady pacing by the curtains while speaking,

To an unseen someone who did not respond;

Her hands waved as if she was upset

but too tired to move on;

Near the window was a cluttered table-top

filled with long-forgotten knick-knacks,

crumbs from happier times;

How different from my world, I thought:

Full of life and urgency and warmth,

and tomorrows and epiphanies

and overlapping conversations.

Until I saw the sad lady,

looking back into my house from her window.

And my tube-lit house looked just as lonely and cold to her.

We all live in the houses of our minds, I realized,

And in our private histories and inner movies,

which blind us even more than television screens.

5 thoughts on “Last Night: A Poem

  1. Simply stunning Aalif. The way you evoke such emotion with your words… Its a shame that you stopped writing after college. I’ve always thought you had that gift. I’m glad our paths crossed…;-)

    • Thanks Audrey, hope this inspires you to begin writing again too… I’m glad we met too 🙂 here’s something to get you started…

      I am,
      so come and take me over;
      Like faith,
      I’ll pass through
      even your finest linen

      We are
      So today with skies
      We will be snow
      We will fall gently, purely;
      like your word
      Through hardest bone.

      Bury us
      For not the winds &
      the earth can contain us;
      Beneath we shall
      Be yet another

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